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    27 Photos Of Sleeping Animals Because We've All Had A Long And Exhausting Week

    It's been quite a week.

    1. First, look at this loungin' lioness:

    Getty Images

    2. Now, look at this snoozin' squirrel:

    Getty Images

    3. And this sleepy lil seal:

    David Mcnew / Getty Images

    4. Here's a monkey just dozin' off:

    Rob Elliott / AFP / Getty Images

    5. Oh, and here's a group monkey nap:

    Paula Bronstein / Getty Images

    Group naps are the best.

    6. This raccoon is just restin' his eyes, he swears:

    Micheldenijs / Getty Images

    7. And this sea lion is like "Just five more minutes??"

    Daniel Garcia / AFP / Getty Images


    8. Look at this curled-up koala though:

    Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images

    9. And this one:

    Woodstock / Getty Images

    10. And this zonked out guy:

    Buellom / Getty Images

    11. This bear is like "ugh, 7 months of hibernation was NOT enough."

    Robchristiaans / Getty Images

    12. Meanwhile, there's just a cute ol' hedgehog siesta happening here:

    Dietermeyrl / Getty Images

    13. And more bear snoozles here:

    Bgsmith / Getty Images

    14. These lions are truly cat napping at its finest:

    Invisiblewl / Getty Images

    Okay, very big cats.

    15. Do you think penguins snore?

    Tom Strudley / Getty Images

    16. Do otters spoon?

    Clinton Harris / Getty Images

    For the sleeping nutria, and for the baby nutria.

    17. And dogs definitely dream, right?

    Fongleon356 / Getty Images


    18. This pupper is so clearly tuckered out:

    Smitt / Getty Images

    19. And this kitty is simply in her element:

    Lisegagne / Getty Images

    20. More slumbering seals, please:

    Robert Chang / Getty Images

    21. And perfectly stretched out chipmunks:

    Fahroni / Getty Images

    22. And relaxin' raccoons:

    Gaschwald / Getty Images

    23. Show of hands if this big guy made you yawn, too:

    Edurivero / Getty Images

    You have just taken orders from a seal.

    24. And also if you audibly cooed at your screen over this sleeping kitty:

    Jurgita_zuk / Getty Images

    25. Squirrels are strategic about their forty winks, we'll give them that:

    Mark Fitchew / Getty Images

    26. Meanwhile, elephants can do it standing up, which is honestly v. impressive:

    Getty Images

    27. And bb deers apparently, yes, look just like Bambi when they're catching their Z's.

    Getty Images


    This post was translated from Spanish.