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12 Ways To Be Your Sexiest Self Every Day

Girl, you should never settle for less.

Been feeling a little ~meh~ lately? It's time to get right.

1. First things first: Light a scented candle to set the mood.

Or switch on the aroma diffuser if you're feeling extra naughty!

2. Turn your bathroom into a rejuvenating spa with a bath bomb.

There's nothing like soaking in a bath of aromatic and soothing bubbles.

3. Exfoliate every inch of your skin with a honey and essential oil–based body scrub.

Wash away the day's drama with a deep-body scrub.

4. While in the tub, pick a perfectly positive affirmation and stick with it.

5. Show your face some love with a mask treatment.

6. Slip into your naughtiest lingerie to feel sexy, no matter where you are.

Shhh! It'll be your little secret all day long.

7. Get a blowout to finally live your big-hair truth.

8. And while you're at it, read a passage from your favorite novel for a trip down memory lane.

9. Give yourself a super cute manicure.

10. Sip on a glass of deliciously crisp champagne.

11. And when you're through pampering yourself, post an unapologetically sultry photo for your followers.

12. Find a new signature scent and remind yourself you're worth it.

Treat yourself to a GUESS fragrance anytime, any day.