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11 Ladies Share Their Best Fail-Safe Flirting Tips

Flirting can be tough, but these ladies have done the hard part for you. GUESS Fragrance will help you #win every time.

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2. The Sly Fox

"I'm normally really friendly and engaging with people I'm talking to, but when I'm flirting, I'll slow everything down a bit: slyly smiling with my chin tilted down and my eyes peering up more through my brow, joking a little more naughtily, holding eye contact while touching my hair or sipping a drink, etc."


3. The Hair Flipper

"When I flirt, I pretty much just try to make the other person laugh as much as possible. I give solid eye contact and ask a lot of questions so that they know I'm interested in learning more about them. When all else fails, I just flip my hair and flash my pearly brights."


5. The Smiley Face

"A guy once told me that dudes love open-mouth smiles. So if you put your index finger lengthwise between your teeth, then remove it, it gives the perfect gap. Then you smile and wave. If that fails, during a sporting event, get really, really competitive, and suggest a bet while insulting his team."


6. The Belly Laugher

"Maintain eye contact and find opportunities to touch them. Always laugh at their jokes. Make them feel funny and strong. Ask if they work out. Be playful and make fun of them, but don't make them feel bad. I mean, men are simple creatures. If you make them feel good, they'll respond."


All images via Dan Blaushild / BuzzFeed