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10 How-Tos For The Perfect Pin-Up Style

Dietrich? Garbo? Hayworth? Now those retro Hollywood beauties knew chic. But these days, no one does sexy pin-up girl style better than GUESS. Head in there now to find holiday looks that’ll have you ready for your close-up.

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1. Work a pencil skirt like nobody's business.

Toni Frissell / Via

A high-waisted pencil skirt is flattering on pretty much everyone. It cinches at your smallest part, your waist, with makes your curves look super va-va-voom.

6. Don't skimp on your hair accessories.

Cyn Elena/ (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: myvintagehut

A flower or a feather can do wonders for a basic outfit. Just don't go too big, otherwise you'll be venturing into showgirl territory. ;)

7. Don't be afraid of curlers.

Justin Horrocks / Getty Images

These guys aren't just for your granny. Sleep with them in and get the perfect, bouncy curls the next morning. Highly underrated and much better for your hair than hot irons.

9. A red lip is drama at its finest.


Just remember: If you are going for a bright and dramatic lip, tone down the rest of your makeup to avoid looking too sharp and intense. Some mascara and a little eyeliner on your top lid will do just fine.

10. Don't be afraid to have a little fun.


When asked about the attention she gets from dressing over the top, Dita Von Teese said: "Nothing great comes without risk, and only the very mediocre are safe from being poked fun at." Good advice, Dita. We're with ya all the way.