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Gucci Commissioned A Meme Art Project And This Is How It Turned Out

Are you ready for these memes?

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Okay, Gucci has created a meme-based art project to launch its new collection of watches designed by Alessandro Michele.

Courtesy of Gucci / Via Instagram: @gucci

It's called #TFWGucci (That Feel When Gucci) and features renowned international photographers and artists having their work turned into memes.

Courtesy of Gucci / Benjamin Langford / Via

Like this one, which is a collaboration by photographer Benjamin Langford and pro meme artist @champagneemojis.

Each incorporating elements from the collection...

Courtesy of Gucci / Ege Islekel

Hence the recurring snakes, moths, and lions you'll see popping up in various forms, as well as the red-and-green colour scheme.

And they're all designed to illustrate the moment when you first put on one of Gucci's new watches.

Courtesy of Gucci / Christto & Andrew / Via Instagram: @gucci

Of course, there are a whole bunch of hidden meanings in there for you to figure out.

We're not going to lie; it can get pretty meta:

Courtesy of Gucci / Asger Carlsen / Via Instagram: @gucci

This is the work of Danish artist Asger Carlsen, who frequently uses black-and-white photography of bizarrely distorted figures and limbs. It was then given to @CabbageMemes, who used it as a commentary on modern beauty standards.

Here, photographer John Yuyi uses temporary tattoos to show how deeply digital culture is embedded within us:

Courtesy of Gucci / Via Instagram: @gucci

(Also bringing new meaning to the term "product placement".)

While here, Paulina Olowska uses Soviet-era fashion postcards as the basis for her interpretation, before being given the meme treatment by designer William Ndatila:

Courtesy of Gucci / Paulina Olowska / Via Instagram: @gucci

(That's a big honkin' watch!)

All in all, it's nothing quite like we've seen before.

Courtesy of Gucci / @Youvegotnomale / Via Instagram: @gucci

So what do you make of them?

Courtesy of Gucci / Ege Islekel / Via