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11 Creative People That We're Loving This Month

Some culture to go with all the canine accounts you follow!

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All of the following artists were commissioned to bring their own unique styles to a new campaign for Gucci’s watch collection.

It forms part of a larger digital art project called #TFWGucci, which sees this artwork remixed by "meme artists" from across the web.

1. Christto and Andrew (@christto_andrew)

Christto & Andrew / Gucci

Christto Sanz and Andrew Weir are making waves as one of the most noteworthy artistic duos coming out of the Middle East.

Hailing from Puerto Rico and South Africa originally, their work explores both Qatari culture and the perceptions of it, both from at home and abroad.

2. John Yuyi (@JohnYuyi)

John Yuyi / Gucci

Taiwan-born, New York–based artist John Yuyi is best known for Face Post, an art project that used temporary tattoos to affix people's social media profiles onto themselves.

Since then, she's expanded the series to include further forms of digital communication, including this adaptation for Gucci here.

3. Polly Nor (@PollyNor)

Polly Nor / Gucci

You may already follow Polly Nor, considering social media is where she has built a huge following and gathered acclaim over the past couple of years. Her art tackles "women and their demons", brought to life through very literal manifestations of the devil.

4. Olimpia Zagnoli (@OlimpiaZagnoli/@casafutura)

Olimpia Zagnoli / Gucci

According to her bio, "OZ" lives in Milan, listens to T.Rex, drinks cola, and wears stripes. She's also a hugely talented illustrator who uses "soft shapes and chameleonic colours" to create simple but striking designs, often found in publications like the New York Times and Vanity Fair.

But it was her side project @CasaFutura, which documents her Milanese apartment search, that inspired her to do something different for the Gucci campaign. Featured above are miniature, imagined properties to go alongside the real listings on her feed.

5. Alec Soth (@LittleBrownMushroom)

Alec Soth / Gucci

Alec Soth (rhymes with both) is generally considered to be one of America's greatest ever documentary photographers, travelling all over the world to capture life at its most "real".

His feed is a memoir from his travels, with a mix of his latest work, personal photos, and witty poetry.

6. Rozalina Burkova (@TheDrawingDoor)

Rozalina Burkova / Gucci

Bulgarian artist Rozalina Burkova originally studied fashion at Central St. Martins, before deciding to switch to a career in illustration and animation.

Her work features a combination of hand-drawn and digital elements, using vivid pinks and blues to create striking, yet dreamlike imagery.

7. Olaf Breuning (@olafbreuning)

Olaf Breuning / Gucci

There's something to be said for the joy that's found in everyday inanimate objects that look like they have faces. And Swiss artist/provocateur Olaf Breuning has devoted his entire Instagram feed to it. From alarmed ping-pong bats to sad cakes to bemused tables. It's pretty much what your social feed was made for.

8. Benjamin Langford (@Blangblang92)

Benjamin Langford / Gucci

Flowers are a motif that runs through much of Benjamin Langford's stylish work, often detached, printed oversized, and adorned on walls. But he can be playful too, as seen here with this clever reimagining of Arthur's fist.

9. Ege Islekel (@egeislekel)

Ege Islekel / Gucci

Islekel is a Turkish-born, Milan-based graphic and interior designer, who plays with imagery from various eras of art history, both past and present. Sometimes this means integrating historic sculptures into modern New York cityscapes. Other times, it's overlaying modern iconography or digital scribble on neoclassicist painting.

And sometimes, he photoshops Vincent Van Gogh's face onto movie posters. Because why not?

10. Emiliano Ponzi (@emilianoponzi)

Emiliano Ponzi / Gucci

A renowned illustrator whose work you will likely have seen in a number of global publications, including the New Yorker, Le Monde, Variety, Esquire, and countless others.

Based in Milan, his "bold textured illustrations employ repetition, a judicious use of line, strong graphic compositions and the use of conceptual metaphors to define and communicate the concept at hand".

11. Decor Hardcore (@Decorhardcore)

Decor Hardcore / Gucci

Decor Hardcore is an magpie-like collective of German artists and designers, all drawn together over a common fondness for furniture. Their Instagram feed is full of unabashed love for all kinds of quirky, kitsch, and niche finds, sourced from across the web.

#TFWGucci is a meme-based art project that mashes up original imagery from renowned artists with work from meme creators.

These are just some of the artists commissioned to create art for the project. Each of the pieces above were subsequently remixed and captioned by popular meme creators from around the web.

To see the final creations, head over to the #TFWGucci page now!