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11 Creative People That We're Loving This Month

Some culture to go with all the canine accounts you follow!

All of the following artists were commissioned to bring their own unique styles to a new campaign for Gucci’s watch collection.

It forms part of a larger digital art project called #TFWGucci, which sees this artwork remixed by "meme artists" from across the web.

1. Christto and Andrew (@christto_andrew)

2. John Yuyi (@JohnYuyi)

3. Polly Nor (@PollyNor)

4. Olimpia Zagnoli (@OlimpiaZagnoli/@casafutura)

5. Alec Soth (@LittleBrownMushroom)

6. Rozalina Burkova (@TheDrawingDoor)

7. Olaf Breuning (@olafbreuning)

8. Benjamin Langford (@Blangblang92)

9. Ege Islekel (@egeislekel)

10. Emiliano Ponzi (@emilianoponzi)

11. Decor Hardcore (@Decorhardcore)

#TFWGucci is a meme-based art project that mashes up original imagery from renowned artists with work from meme creators.

These are just some of the artists commissioned to create art for the project. Each of the pieces above were subsequently remixed and captioned by popular meme creators from around the web.

To see the final creations, head over to the #TFWGucci page now!