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10 Times Flo Rida Put It Down For Real

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1. When he blinged out his mic from the bottom to the top like money so the girls just melt.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

2. That one time he shook these haters down the line without taking off his shades.

Rich Polk / Getty Images

3. When he remembers it's important to clean up nice for your fans...

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

4. ...and toss them appreciation roses because he's sweet like da double dee double di.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

5. He never hides that he likes crazy, foolish, stupid.

Larry Marano / Getty Images

6. When he put his lips together and came real close to this mouthwatering sundae.

David Becker / WireImage / Getty Images

7. Every time he walked out the house with swagger and solidified pippin' ain't easy.

Rich Polk / Getty Images

8. When he made this girl's head spin right 'round, right 'round.

Vallery Jean / Getty Images

9. That time he called up this homie to say it's on and poppin' tonight 'cause it's meant to be theirs.

Larry Marano / Getty Images

10. Whenever he gets the hypes so everyone else can get low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low.

Vallery Jean / WireImage / Getty Images

We can now all agree Flo Rida puts it down, so don't miss the chance to win a free concert at your school!

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