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17 Ways To A Happier Life

Life can get a little dull after a while, many find themselves looking for ways to be not only happier, but more stress free. After thorough research our team is excited to share the tricks we discovered to make you feel better than ever. Use these 17 tips to fill your life with smiles’ and happiness.

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1. Meditate

Although it sounds cliche, there have been many proven benefits to the practice of meditation. Not only have those who meditate reported having an improved sleep cycle, but they have also stated they can focus on tasks for longer periods of time, they lose of weight quicker, due to a better metabolism, and it has even be shown to help slow the aging process.

2. Be an Artist in Your Free Time

Not everyone is a Picasso in the making, and even though your work might not end of in an excellent museum, it will help your creative juices flow. Having an increase in creativity will help you in both your professional and personal life. Painting, drawing, crafting, whatever makes you happy has been proven also to improve your memory, lower your stress, and it even can help get rid of all those feelings that you have been bottling up since high school.

3. Smile More

You should never go too long without smiling. It is psychologically proven that you become happier just by smiling, even if it is forced. You also don’t know what other people are going through and you could change someone's mood just by giving them a simple smile.

4. Learn From Your Mistakes

Nobody in this world will live a perfect life. We all will make mistakes at some point in our life, sometimes big and sometimes small. A mistake isn’t considered a failure if you can learn from it. It is also satisfying when you make a mistake and figure out how to better yourself with it. By using failures to better yourself, it will make you realize that the mistake you made wasn’t a waste of time.

5. Listen to Music

Music is food for the soul. Pop, rock, jazz, country, and so many more genres make the music world so diverse. Sit back and relax with the radio on and discover the healing powers of a good melody. Music can change your mood and ways of thinking about life. There is no better stress-reliever than jamming out to your favorite songs on a Friday night with some friends.

6. Indulge Yourself

Every once in a while give yourself a treat. That treat can be anything you want, whether it’s something delicious, or something that is worth a credit card swipe. It will help you look forward to something, and get excited because it doesn’t happen every day. You will be a much happier person knowing that something fantastic is coming your way.

7. Exercise

Some people dread exercising and some people love it, but most of the time you will feel better after completing an exercise. While exercising, you realize that you are bettering yourself mentally and physically and that should at least make you a little happier. The sheer fact of knowing you are making a healthy choice can flip your mood around. Research also shows that exercise does in fact make you feel better, even if you hate starting a workout.

8. Spend More Time With Your Family

Family gatherings should be cherished. Even though aunt Betty takes her teeth out and sets them on the table in front of you every Thanksgiving, you have to love her. Whether you have 9 brothers or one you can always count on someone to pick on you, because they love you. It’s almost like the job of your siblings is to make fun of you, I wonder where they learned that from.

9. Catch Up on Your Zzz's

Take a break from being on your electronics about a half hour before you want to go to bed, lay down in a dark room and close your eyes. Getting anywhere from six to eight hours of sleep will help lower inflammation that can be an affiliate to heart disease, contribute to improving your memory, and it will even help you stay in good shape. It also helps to drink some sleepy time tea, or try to use sleep lotions, the warmth, and soothing smells will help you knock out in no time.

10. Forgive and Forget

You can’t spend your whole life being mad at someone or holding a grudge. Relax a little, forgive and forget, live your life one moment at a time. There is no reason to hate someone so much that you cannot forgive them. We only get one life to live and who wants to spend their life hating and holding grudges. Call an old friend and you’ll be surprised about how much better you’ll feel.

11. Take a Risk or Two

You are never going to know unless you try. Go on that roller coaster, ask that person on a date, if you don’t you are going to be full of what ifs, which are not going to make you any happier in life. If you take the risk and it does not turn out as you were hoping it would, that’s okay, at least you tried, and at the end of the day, you will have a clear conscious knowing that you aren’t going to have to wonder.

12. Laugh Often

Laughter is the best medicine for a bad day. Laughing can improve mood, reduce stress, and even burn calories. Off to a rough start to your morning? Laugh. Feeling sad? Laugh. Angry? Laugh. Laughing cures so many things and can even sometimes be contagious. We all have that one friend with the loudest laugh…

13. Feel More Confident

Confidence is key… as they all say. Whether you’re going for a job interview, starting a new school, or about to sing in front of a million people, you have to have confidence. Practice feeling confident and even say to yourself that you are confident and it will improve. It might take some practice, but you will get there eventually.

14. Volunteer and help others

Volunteering and helping others is a great way to enrich your life. It makes you feel good and it makes a real difference in the world. Any small thing could be enough to make someone else's life that much easier or enjoyable. Also volunteering is a great thing to put on a resume so it benefits you as well. Helping others makes you happy

15. Branch out

Find new friends because you only live on this world once and you can't have enough friends. You shouldn’t cut off your old friends but it is nice to branch out and see what others have to offer. Find people you have things in common with and see their perspective because you could learn a lot. New Friends, Good friends

16. Find a Hobby

Finding hobbies is important for a happier life. If you don’t have anything to do in your free time then you will just be bored when you're not working or at school. It is good to blow off steam with something that gives you enjoyment. Hobbies could be anything from fishing to playing on a rec basketball team or knitting and gardening. There is nothing specific, but it is good to find something you enjoy. The Best Hobbies

17. Love

Finding love somewhere is key to being happy. It’s not just about falling in love with someone either. Loving your family and friends is almost more important. If you find a niche in life where you have people that love you, be content because not everyone can say that. Do not be afraid to love either.

Why Love makes you happy

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