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A Definitive Ranking Of The 10 Best Office Pranks

When it comes to pranking co-workers, there's quite the gamut of possibilities. We've broken down the best (and the worst) so you can wreak all of the havoc in your office. To see more co-workers behaving badly, check out Ground Floor, Thursdays at 10/9c on TBS.

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10. Prank: The chair swap.

Ginger Ninja / Via

A good prank that can taken to the next level by putting the chair in an "exotic" location, such as the bathroom or on the roof.

9. Prank: The pick-up fake-out.

Matt Chimento / Via

Attaching something to the floor that people can't actually pick up is a time-tested prank and, really, a study in psychology. Poor guy.

8. Prank: Duck, duck, goose.

FullofWit / Via

Bet no one saw this coming. Bonus points for the dude's face at the end.

7. Prank: The scare.

Followback World / Via

Such a classic. So effective. Results are always great.

6. Prank: Scare II.

CJ Bargamian / Via

Scaring a co-worker with a mask is a slightly more sophisticated scare than the average "boo" trick. Results are usually much more exaggerated. ;)

5. Prank: The Post-it attack.

AEHero / Via

Another classic — this one deserves a higher ranking for the time it takes the pranker. For that, we applaud you.

4. Prank: Googly eyes.


This is so genius! Such a simple concept, but such hilarious results.

3. Prank: Hiding the car.

Billy Silvestri / Via

Oof, what a great way to bum out the boss after a long day of work. Mega points for when he cries later.

2. Prank: The foil wrap.

Drew Ah Mai / Via

Meticulously wrapping every inch of one's desk in foil is a feat for the brave: It takes a long time AND you're guaranteed to make someone very, very mad. Top it off with trash? Yikes!

1. Prank: The bucket spill.

Ryan Miller / Via

How did this even happen?! We've all seen the bucket-of-water-on-the-door prank, but the bucket of junk — unnoticed — over a desk THAT SPILLS ON CUE?! Amazing.

*And then some were total fails.

Rich B / Via


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