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8 Pranks You Can Do At The Office That Won't Get You Fired

A few people at BuzzFeed risked angry emails to prank one another and capture it on Vine. Because corporate tomfoolery is hilarious, we're asking BuzzFeed nation to post their best office prank videos using hashtag, #officeprank. The top 10 will win a spot on BuzzFeed on Thursday 11/21 to celebrate the premiere of the new TBS office comedy, Ground Floor.

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1. The human hurricane prank.


Essentially you just ambush a co-worker and toss their stuff everywhere.

2. The tape-in-the-doorway prank.


Simple execution, complex hilarity.

3. The mirrored desk prank.


Just put everything on your co-worker's desk in the same exact place but on opposite sides of the desk. Shockingly mind-blowing.

4. Dead battery prank.


Simply switch the dead batteries with the charged batteries and make everyone very upset.

5. The "Kanye West is here!" prank.


Prepare to break hearts.

6. The masked man in the elevator prank.


Simply a classic.

7. The scream prank.


Less of a prank, more of an uncomfortable situation.

8. Bonus: the failed prank.


Some men are impervious to fear.