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My Top 15 Eurovision Songs - 2017

This is my annual tradition of placing the songs in the order I think they will come in the final. Here are the songs that I would place in my Top 15 based on personal preference and some influence from the bookies favourites. Of course, some of these songs may fail to qualify for the final, or the may fall prey to a dark horse.

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1. Italy: Francesco Gabbani - Occidentali's Karma

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Despite the fact that I initially didn't like this song, I have now become a strong advocate for it to win. It is quite catchy, the chorus is memorable, and the choreography is cheesy but it works perfectly fine with the lyrics. I do also have a soft spot for Italians, so that also helps with it taking the peak position. It also helps that it almost has 100 million views on YouTube - BEFORE the final.

2. Azerbaijan: Dihaj - Skeletons

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Azerbaijan never seems to disappoint (except in 2011 when they won with that awful duet). A contemporary track with a very dark vibe. Again, I am hoping that the staging works onside her vocal performance to give it a Top 5 placement.

3. France: Alma - Requiem

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This was my original winner from the get go. The revamp has actually made it darker and edgier. I like the fact that this sounds like a French entry from the early 90s but with a contemporary spin. I really do hope that the staging is good on the night because Alma is not much of a dancer and it could be quite flat if nothing else is happening on stage.

4. Poland: Kasia Mos - Flashlight

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I initially liked this song but didn't know why. However, I have come to realise that like me, many others like that James Bond-esque sound at the end. It is dark, mysterious and quite eerie and Kasia Mos has the pipes to belt this out.

5. Sweden: Robin Bengtsson - I Can't Go On

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Sweden is another one of my favourites each and every year. This year I was a tad disappointed that Loreen did not make it through, however, now that I have heard all of the songs, it wouldn't have done so well cause it is way too different for Eurovision. I was also rooting for Mariette with A Million Years, and that didn't go through either. But, I could see why Sweden went for this song. It is quite catchy and you can't help tapping your feet along to it and humming the chorus.

6. F.Y.R. Macedonia: Jana Burceska - Dance Alone

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It has been a very long time since I have enjoyed any of the songs from F.Y.R. Macedonia. This year however, they have nailed it. This song is very modern and very catchy. It keeps changing beat throughout which also makes it exciting. Not sure what the staging will be like for this, but if it's anything like the clip, it will do well at the final.

7. Armenia: Artsvik - Fly With Me

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Armenia is one of my favourites each and every year. They are always daring and their songs always stand out from the crowd. This song takes you on a very strange journey - one that you don't know where it begins and where it ends. The chorus is memorable, the beat is infectious and out of this world, and although she too is not a dancer, the simple choreography works well for her. I am excepting crazy staging based solely on the setting of the film clip. This reminds me of Jan Jan from 2009 where people didn't understand it nor liked it initially, but on the night, the performance was epic and it placed quite well.

8. Switzerland: Timebelle - Apollo

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She has such a commanding stage presence when she sings live that it makes the song even better. The minimalist staging on the National Selection Final night is perfect - that retro feel she was going for with the red dress and the piano by her side was epic.

9. Israel: Imri Ziv - I Feel Alive

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Israel has had 3 amazing tracks the last few years go through to the contest. This is one of the few party songs this year, and it's not until the end when it feels like you're definitely in Europe with the change of the beat. Not sure if he will hit the high notes on the night, but it should do well. My only other concern is that he doesn't have a good stage presence as he seems quite rigid and stiff even though this is a dance track.

10. Greece: Demy - This Is Love

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The Greek in me is a little disappointed with this song because I know Demy's music well and was expecting something more magical and darker. I do prefer this song however over the other two she proposed to sing. It should do well though being another dance track in a year of ballads.

11. Hungary: Papai Joci - Origo

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I absolutely loved this song when I first heard it. It screamed out Eurovision. Very few songs this year are sung in the native tongue of the representing country, and this is one of them. This has such a strong presence of culture, it is very edgy, dark and traditional, yet very contemporary with the rap at the end. The rap live doesn't sound as good as the studio version, but the song is still great.

12. Denmark: Anja - Where I Am

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I absolutely love singing this one and belting it out in my car. It feels like such a winner's song, like on X-Factor or Idol (funny thing is she actually did win The Voice here in Australia). It keeps building and building and Anja has a phenomenal voice which does the song justice. Eurovision fans and critics are being really harsh with this one saying that it sounds dated and that it is not memorable at all (yet Portugal's entry which is reminiscent of the early years of Eurovision is not dated at all and people are loving it). I would rather argue the contrary. I do hope that she doesn't perform with that red dress again because she has worn it to so many of the Eurovision parties too that I may actually agree with the critics and say it won't be memorable based solely on presentation.

13. Cyprus: Hovig - Gravity

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Cyprus has really picked up its game these last few years. Yes, this does sound like Human, but that doesn't phase me at all. It is very now and has a dark feel to it. I do think that the staging will have to be phenomenal or on par with the video clip in order for it to do well as critics are bagging this one out too.

14. United Kingdom: Lucie Jones - Never Give Up On You

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This is my favourite ballad for 2017. I know all the lyrics to this and belt it out in my car. I still think the revamp could've been a tad more dramatic and darker, but that doesn't bother me too much. She sounds amazing singing this live and the emotion is there. I hope this does well seeing as it is the first decent track from the UK in years.

15. Moldova: SunStroke Project - Hey Mamma!

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Very cheesy song in a sea of ballads, but it will stand out and will do well in the contest. Plus, the epic sax guy is back, so what's there not to like about this one? I do want the choreography to change though cause that side kick is so repetitive and boring.

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