12 Tweets About Borders That Anyone Who Grew Up In The 2000s Will Feel In Their Bones

    There's a hole in my heart where Borders used to live. :/

    I used to work at Borders, and can I just say? These tweets are everything.

    the exterior of a going out of business Borders store

    1. The kids are not alright.

    5yo: did you own Mario Kart growing up Me: we didn’t own it, we had Blockbuster 5yo: Blockbuster? Me:(feeling old and explaining Blockbuster)...that’s why we would spend our Friday nights at Blockbuster when we weren’t at Borders books 5yo: Borders books? Me: GET OFF MY LAWN

    Michael Vogel / Via Twitter: @MichaelVogel1

    2. If only...

    Sad that Borders books would still be open if the CEO had just gone into the self-help section and read The Secret.

    Damien Fahey / Via Twitter: @DamienFahey

    3. I can still do my "Borders Books is now closed" announcement which sounds friendly but is actually a thinly veiled threat if you do not immediately leave my store.

    “hello thank you for calling Borders Books & Music this is Esmé how may I help you” as a former employee I can still say this in my Borders voice & will do it upon request https://t.co/lyi3sbdqqi

    Esme Weijun Wang / Via Twitter: @esmewang

    4. It's ancient history now.

    Watching the opening of National Treasure 2, and there’s a book signing at a Borders. This feels like two whole worlds ago.

    Paul Stefko / Via Twitter: @PaulStefko

    5. Wow...

    Fifteen years and seven weeks ago I did the first ever book signing for AMERICAN GODS in the Borders Books at the World Trade Centre.

    Neil Gaiman / Via Twitter: @neilhimself

    6. Nope, but I did have to re-shelve this every single evening, so... thanks for that.

    Anyone else used to sit inside of Borders books for hours going through this or is everybody else normal?

    Dae / Via Twitter: @daeshikjr

    7. ~shakes fist angrily~

    Borders books filed for bankruptcy. How do you sleep at night, Angry Birds?

    Conan O'Brien / Via Twitter: @ConanOBrien

    8. We will never know how much the arts have lost due to the demise of Borders.

    Let me nip this in the bud, because someone conflated the truth and it’s become the legend. Picked up Chernow’s book at the now-extinct Borders in the Time Warner Center, NOT an airport bookstore. https://t.co/bwr3UJvzFz

    Lin-Manuel Miranda / Via Twitter: @Lin_Manuel

    9. This one stings.

    Ah, fall is here. The nights are turning cooler, leaves are turning colors and Borders Books are turning into Halloween Stores.

    Homer J. Simpson / Via Twitter: @HomerJSimpson

    10. We didn't play favorites at Borders: movie stars, comedians, politicians, the general public – we treated everyone terribly.

    I worked at a Borders Books in college and was opening one morning when a really beautiful older white woman knocked on the door trying to buy a NYT. I told her we were closed. She looked at me like I was crazy then walked off. I realized hours later that she was Jane Fonda. https://t.co/3AbM0wqG82

    Donovan X. / Via Twitter: @donovanxramsey

    11. Unfortunately, this was management policy it seems.

    When I worked at Borders Books years ago the boss one time nearly purchased a huge banner that said: “Help us in the fight against literacy!” until I saw the proof and asked him if we were TRYING to put ourselves out of business.

    Nick Walden Poublon / Via Twitter: @NWPinPDX

    12. And lastly – Yeezus!

    Whatever you think of @kanyewest you have to give it up for him mentioning Borders bookstore in "All of the Lights."

    Daniel Ralston / Via Twitter: @danielralston