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    These Are The Electric Massagers That Massage Therapists Actually Use

    Here’s what the experts recommend for all types of relief and relaxation.

    These days, there’s no shortage of TikToks about the latest electronic massagers. And when you’re hunched over your phone, scrolling through such videos, a tool to knead out your shoulders probably sounds pretty good. In an effort to find you high-quality and safe electric massagers, we asked some of our favorite actual massage therapists about the benefits of frequent massage and the home tools they recommend.

    Woman receiving a shoulder massage at a spa

    If you’re looking for a massager to try at home, these are the ones Garrett and Burkholder suggest using:

    1. Hyperice Hypervolt massage guns

    Massage gun with multiple attachments displayed

    2. Hypervolt Go 2

    Black massage gun with three interchangeable heads

    3. TheraGun handheld percussion guns

    Handheld percussive massage device, Theragun Elite model, in a triangular shape with a spherical attachment

    4. Hyperice Normatec 3 compression leg massager

    And if you want to check out some reviewer-approved massage devices, these are some of the highest-rated hands-free options you can get on Amazon:

    5. A deep tissue kneading pillow

    Black lumbar support pillow with built-in heating elements

    6. A heated neck-and-shoulder massage sling

    Shiatsu neck and back massager with carrying case and product packaging displayed

    7. A heated foot massager

    Foot massager with illuminated massage nodes against a patterned background

    8. The Renpho heated eye massager

    RENPHO eye massager on geometric background

    9. A kneading massage seat cushion

    Snailax massage chair pad with heat and vibration functions, arrows indicating the massage nodes movement

    10. A leg and foot compression massager

    Foot and calf massager device with control panel

    11. A compression hand massager

    Hand using a white nail dryer machine on a geometric patterned background

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.