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    31 Things From Target To Prove Making Your Home Look Stylish Can Actually Be Easy

    Give your house a glow-up without a toolkit or moving heavy things.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A striped stoneware mug to make your homemade oat milk latte as Instagrammable as possible.

    striped mug on table

    Price: $3

    2. A decorative wooden loop chain for adding a little *visual interest* to a coffee table or mantel. It's so sophisticated, it'' make you look like someone who reads philosophy for fun.

    Wooden chain link

    Promising review: "Stunning! A very West Elm vibe for a fraction of the price. It’s got a nice weight to it and I think it’s real wood, the color of which is a warm orangey-brown which is great for fall particularly. The piece is so diverse that you can use it on a console, book shelf, mantel, pretty much anywhere. Grab it if you can!" — decor_inspo 

    Price: $25

    3. A golden wire spice rack to display your ingredients and upgrade your kitchen counter.

    Gold wire spice rack

    Promising review: "So cute as a decorative accent on the kitchen countertop. I will use it decoratively, not for spices. Takes up less space than one of the popular tiered trays." — GeorgieTargetLover

    Price: $15

    4. A striped terra-cotta vase because you've always wanted to live in the artsy mom firehouse from The Princess Diaries.

    Pink and orange vase

    Promising review: "The quality of the vase is fantastic and I love the texture it brings to my console table!" — Brit813

    Price: $20

    5. A minimalist gold toothbrush holder so your bathroom will look like a fancy spa (even if your shower curtain is a little murky).

    Gold and black toothbrush holder

    Promising review: "Really cute toothbrush holder." — FCCMegs

    Price:  $10

    6. A golden hand statue to transform your countertop into a modern art museum ~and~ help you never lose your keys again.

    hand shaped dish

    Promising review: "A nice weight, very pleased with this for the price!" — Margaret 

    Price: $10

    7. A black glass vanilla birch candle so your house smells as stylish as it looks.

    Black glass candle on table

    Promising review: "Wonderful smell. Not overpowering but a great summer to fall transition." — Mamoore

    Price: $12.99

    8. A mobile wicker bar cart for holding plants, lamps, and those fancy bar glasses you got from your aunt.

    Rattan bar car with wheels

    Promising review: "AMAZING product -- and it came out together! It’s just like pictured, and you can style it/change it up in so many different ways. I also love that it has wheels, so I can take it outside when I’m hosting. Definitely worth the price and more!" — Jessie 

    Price: $150

    9. A blue shabby chic terra-cotta vase, so you can tell your Bumble date you did "ceramics" in college.

    blue terracotta vase

    Promising review: "Love the color! It's sturdy and had a great rustic feel." — CMARTIN

    Price: $25

    10. A set of green plates to make your DoorDash food look like an expensive meal from that new hipster farm-to-table restaurant.

    Green plate on table

    Promising review: "Love them. Really trendy!" — Jenn

    Price: $3

    11. A garland of mixed-shape wooden beads for bringing angles and patterns to your shelves.


    Promising review: "These are so great!! The beads are much bigger then I thought they’d be. I was pleasantly surprised. Quality is great. Amazing piece of decor!" — TrendyMom

    Price: $30

    12. A wicker basket to hold plants, blankets, and dirty laundry you're not going to do for another week.

    Wicker basket

    Promising review: "Very sturdy, great quality. Very pleased." — Kim B.

    Price: $18

    13. A set of peach bowls for bringing extra color to your kitchen table.


    Promising review: "The cutest floral bowl! Can definitely be used as an everyday bowl but also cute enough to be used as a decorative bowl, I use it to hold espresso capsules." — Ray3

    Price: $3 (available in two patterns)

    14. A set of two metal animal balloon sculptures so you look like you enjoy dry wines and conversations about "high brow art."

    Metal balloon animals

    Promising review: "This sculpture looks so good in many places around my house. Under the TV, in the kitchen, etc. Having two is super nice too because you can put them together to make it look even better. The chrome effect reflects colors around it, so it’s so easy to match any environment." — Brett 

    Price: $48 for two (available in two colors)

    15. A macrame wall hanging so your home will look like a bougie cafe/yoga studio that sells those face rollers you keep in the freezer.

    White macrame wall hanging on pink wall

    Promising review:  "I was searching for a macrame wall hanging on Etsy & other sites until I found this one. Exactly what I was looking for and the price was even better!" — eh1014

    Price: $30

    16. A woven cotton blanket for a home accessory that's as aesthetic as is it comfortable. And will make you feel like John Mayer.

    Black and white blanket

    Promising review: "OMG! I absolutely love this throw! The colors and patterns are beautiful. It's warm and cozy to cuddle up in on the couch for me. And when I'm not using it, it gives a great accent to my room. It's just the right size for me. Not too big or small, but just right. I would definitely recommend this product!" — Dee69

    Price: $25.99+ (available in three patterns)

    17. A metal knot sculpture to artfully place on top of the stack of cool books you've never read and never plan to read.

    Metal knot on shelf

    Promising review: "Super cute accent piece with good weight to it." — CatieLady

    Price: $20

    18. A white and gold ceramic hanger that'll keep your plants (or fake plants) at eye level.

    the hanger

    Promising review: "Love these! They are beautiful, good quality, and seem reasonably priced. I love the modern touch they add to my living room. Would recommend!" — Hayley 

    Price: $13

    19. A long wooden serving platter to lay out a bunch of fresh pastries, or like, old PopTarts you found in the freezer.

    Long wooden try on kitchen table

    Promising review: "Beautiful! This is such a great year round piece! I had spring stuff in it but now it’s time to play with fall options. Glad I made the purchase." — Huge

    Price: $34.99

    20. An all-black diffuser set for incense lovers who like minimalism and mid-century modern furniture.

    All black incense in jar

    Promising review: "Great product for a smaller space! Not an overwhelming scent! Smells great! And if it tips over by accident, it’s oil-less." — Wilmar 

    Price: $10

    21. A textured throw pillow to tie your living room together — even if your couch was pulled off the street and is kind of broken.

    Red, blue, and white pillow on red bed

    Promising review: "Very well-made pillow!! It goes perfect with my boho bedroom theme." — Kelly 

    Price: $20

    22. A small, ceramic vase with handles for making your home look like a curated space.


    Promising review: "Perfect size, styling options are endless." — Kimberly

    Price: $20

    23. A rattan ottoman to rest your feet or hold all the paper catalogs that overpriced athlesuire stores keep sending you, still, in 2021.

    Ottoman in boho living room

    Promising review: "Super comfy and very easy to put together." — EParsons157

    Price: $90

    24. A two-piece set of patterned oven mitts, so you can boil water for Cup Of Noodles in style.

    Patterned oven mitts on counter

    Promising review: "Super cute, great protection against heat." — Victoria 

    Price: $10 (available in four patterns)

    25. A crocheted pouf for sitting, feet resting, and just making your apartment look very adult and put together (even if you don't know how to do your own taxes).

    Peach-colored pouf

    Promising review: "Perfect addition to complete the awkward space under the TV." — Steph 

    Price: $65 (available in five colors)

    26. A chevron wooden serving tray, so your dinner will look like a fancy tapas restaurant, without ever leaving the couch.

    White, grey, and brown wooden tray

    Promising review: "Good price/Good design/Good function." — Emmy

    Price: $33.99

    27. A decorative ladder for holding throw blankets and making your house look like you really love nature (even if you'd rather have jury duty than go camping.)

    Wooden ladder on wall

    Promising review: "It is a solid piece. And just looks beautiful where ever I put it." — Kimellen818

    Price: $38.98

    28. A metal and wooden tray to brighten your kitchen table, and draw your eye away from the stack of dirty dishes.

    Metal and wooden tray with breakfast food

    Promising review: "Absolutely love! Not only the tiered tray but the top tray is slightly smaller! Just makes it look so much cuter in the room! Also, super sturdy and heavier than expected. It is kinda large, but it looks perfect! Definitely would recommend if your looking for a serving stand!" — britterfritter

    Price: $32.99

    29. A five-piece set of patterned dish rags so you can nix your paper towels and give your kitchen some color.

    Stack of blue dish towels

    Promising review: "These are wonderfully-sized towels. I love the thickness. I will enjoy using them in my kitchen!" — bunnylady

    Price: $10

    30. A round metal storage container to make your mess look a little nicer.

    Gold metal basket on shelf

    Promising review: "Very chic and beautiful, my blankets look amazing in it and it completes the modern glam vibe I’m going for in my living room." — Dearryka

    Price: $25.00

    31. A wooden bowl for decoration, not eating — because things that can't be used for the purpose they're meant to be used for is the epitome of style (trust us, we're experts).

    brown wooden bowl

    Promising review: "Beautiful bowl! I love everything Studio McGee does. She makes beautiful and affordable accents for any home." — Genoviene

    Price: $35

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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