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    Reviewers Tried These 30 Products First So You Wouldn’t Have To Be The Guinea Pig

    From skincare to kitchen tools to cleaning and organization products galore.

    1. A dry shampoo powder for a total water-free, low-effort day of washing up. Good for your hair, even better for our planet!

    reviewer showing the left part of their hair without the dry shampoo, and the right with dry shampoo, revealing it looks less tangled and less greasy

    2. A handy charging pad so you never have to waste minutes on end trying to find that *exact* angle for your frayed charging cord to actually work. All you have to do is set your phone down, and it'll start charging. That's it. ⚡🔌

    3. A handheld electric milk frother that'll make your morning coffee (whether it be hot or iced) a little extra special with literally the press of a button. Just because you're feeling lazy doesn't mean you should have to forgo your fancy coffee.

    4. A handy folding board so you can neatly tidy up your dresser drawers and take proper care of your clothing, folding each piece in your wardrobe to a uniform size in less than five seconds.

    5. A portable carpet and upholstery cleaner that'll leave you nothing short of *shocked* when it magically restores your furniture and carpet right before your eyes. 😲

    6. An avocado slicing tool you can use to split, pit, and slice just as well as your favorite brunch place. It's easy to use and will have your homemade avo toast looking *chef's kiss* day after day.

    reviewer photo showing avocado slicing tool with the pit remover and perfect slices of avocado

    7. An electric bubble massage mat that'll transform your average bathtub into a full-on jetted tub. It's got a built-in heater and an aroma clip for essential oils. Talk about luxury.

    8. A Fur-Zoff pet hair remover designed to help keep your furniture clean and clear of all that unwanted hair that's been building up. Many reviewers note that it works great in their cars and on their carpet, too!

    Reviewer photo of the pet hair being almost completely swept off of a carpeted surface

    9. A bottle of Feed-N-Wax to polish up all of your wood floors, doors, and furniture. In addition to polishing, it'll also condition the wood and help keep it from drying and fading.

    reviewer photo showing half of their floor looking completely new after applying the Feed-N-Wax to it

    10. A veggie chopper that does exactly what you'd expect it to: chops your veggies like a pro with the pull of a string. Wave goodbye to onion tears and accidentally cutting yourself. 😎

    11. A roll of glossy marble contact paper to give your kitchen a quick refresh. All you have to do is wipe your counters down and, with some patience, lay out the contact paper and smooth out the air bubbles as you go. Fun weekend project, anyone!?

    12. A pair of compression gloves that might help relieve pain from arthritis or carpal tunnel. Whether you're working on a keyboard all day or writing with a pen, these gloves should give you the flexibility you need to do your work *while* soothing any tension or pain.

    reviewer photo showing the gloves on their hands

    13. A Glisten garbage disposal cleaner designed to scrub away grunge and odor-causing build-up from sidewalls, blades, and under the splashguard with its oh-so-satisfying foaming formula.

    14. A silverware sorter that fits a full 48-piece cutlery set but takes up HALF the space of a traditional organizer, freeing up so much extra storage in a drawer you never thought you could get back.

    15. A Schick dermaplaning tool that you can use to shape your eyebrows, exfoliate skin, and remove peach fuzz.

    16. A collagen hair treatment that's nothing short of magic in a bottle. Just apply it all over your hair, wait 10 minutes, wash it out and... BOOM! No more frizz or grease.

    reviewer showing their hair before and after using the hair treatment

    17. A pack of dishwasher-cleaning tablets because, yes, your dishwasher does need to be cleaned occasionally despite the fact that its literal job is to wash the things you put inside it.

    18. And! A pack of washing machine cleaning tablets because, uh, have you ever cleaned the inside of your washing machine, either?? Didn't think so.

    19. A Zombie Pack that is a wash-off face mask designed to minimize pores, hydrate your skin, and leave you with that "just-left-the-spa" glow in less than 15 minutes' time.

    20. A jewelry cleaning pen that's basically just as easy to use (and fun!) as a coloring book. You can use it on diamonds as well as other precious stones.

    reviewer photo showing their diamond before and after using the cleaning pen

    21. A jar of nail and cuticle oil infused with jojoba oil and vitamin E that'll have you looking like you're ALWAYS rocking a fresh mani. 💅

    reviewer showing their nails before and after using the cuticle oil

    22. A cooktop cleaning kit that comes with everything you need to FINALLY get your electric stove top looking presentable again.

    23. A toilet bowl ring remover so you can stop gagging every time you go to use it.

    24. A bottle of Lash Princess mascara if you want the false-eyelash effect, but aren't in the mood to go through the hassle of actually applying them.

    25. A pack of cleaning tablets to make washing your bottles and tumblers less of a headache. If you're the person who just "rinses out" their reusable bottles with more water, then they're probably full of bacteria and grime. 🤮

    before and after photo of reviewer's travel mug, showing it is completely cleaned and restored after using the tablets

    26. A carpet stain remover spray that'll lift away the toughest stains with grace and ease. Red wine? ✔️ Pizza sauce? ✔️ Pet stains? ✔️ You get the idea.

    27. A pack of sheet suspender straps to keep your sheets pulled nice and tight so you don't have to waste extra time straightening them out in the morning.

    28. A bottle of Leather Honey you can use to restore that dingy sofa you just snagged on Facebook Marketplace. All you need is a scrubbing brush and a little elbow grease for the honey to work its magic. 🍯

    29. A cult-favorite CeraVe Moisturizing Cream reviewers swear by for nourishing their face, body *and* feet. It's formulated with hyaluronic acid and ceramides to lock in moisture and reduce skin irritation.

    30. A pack of wart remover pads, because you've tried EVERYTHING else to get that pesky little growth off your person and are running out of options. These might just do the trick.

    reviewer showing their wart slowly going away over 15 days of using Compound W

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