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    Just 23 Cute And Practical Things Because You Haven't Upgraded Your WFH Setup In A Minute

    Your job just became a *bit* more enjoyable.

    1. A mini handheld fan and power bank you can store in your desk for those days when you're running a little warmer than usual, but can't seem to step away from Zoom for more than a second to shed a couple of layers. 🥵

    2. A cute lil' moon lamp because the rest of your team works in a different time zone and you need the extra light once it gets dark and are still typing away on your keyboard.

    reviewer photo of the moon light

    3. An adorable mini ladybug vacuum to clean up all those crumbs that ~somehow~ get all over your desk and chair, day after day. 🤷🐞 It'll also give you something to chat with your coworkers about as you awkwardly wait for your weekly team meeting to start.

    4. An angled, glass dry-erase desktop whiteboard that's designed to take up that wasted space between your monitor and keyboard. It's cute and SO practical for note taking!! OR just for doodling, you decide. 🙃

    Reviewer pic of the long rectangle-shaped whiteboard with groove across the top with markers in it in with a keyboard in front of it

    5. A mini cactus humidifier that'll keep your airways a-flowin' and your skin lookin' real nice and dewy. Because unlike cactuses, you are NOT the queen of working in a space that's dry as a desert. 🌵

    reviewer image of the mini cactus humidifier on a desk

    6. Or, a light-up essential oil diffuser if you're looking for some lovely *olfactory stimulation* in addition to hydration. Maybe use it with a relaxing lavender? Or a musky sandalwood? The choice is yours. 👃

    7. A weekly planning pad that not only allows you to list out your outstanding tasks but also helps you track your productivity so you can feel EXTRA special when you check off those action items!! ✔️

    the weekly planner

    8. OR! A weekly agenda pad because you're known for occasionally missing deadlines (just like me! 🤪). This calendar helps you see the big picture and might help you feel less overwhelmed by your workload.

    The pad

    9. A standalone clipboard to make referencing documents as you type a heckuva lot easier.

    The rectangle-shaped clipboard with gold tone clip at top

    10. And a folding wall organizer so you can easily grab said documents that you need to reference. It'll also add a fun pop of color if you choose to mount it on the wall!

    11. A rose gold desk organizer because, yes, your gel pens and sticky notes DO deserve to live in a beautiful home of their own.

    reviewer image of the rose gold desk organizer in the corner of a customer's desk holding a small succulent, pens, and a notebook

    12. A set of fine-point colored pens that'll have the pages of your notebook and planner looking nothing less than Pinterest-perfect.

    reviewer photo showing the pens spread out next to their journal

    13. A bamboo charging dock because, frankly, the number of devices you have is getting out of control. And the fact that they ALL require different charging cords? Don't even get us started. ☕

    A wood charging station with three different-sized slots to fit electronics, including a phone, iPad, and laptop

    14. And a set of colorful cable protectors, since those cords LOVE to, you know, B-R-E-A-K and show all their nasty lil' wires inside. These are cute and will hopefully prolong the life of your *expensive* chargers!! 🤞

    15. A chic, waterproof mat to protect your desk from scuffs and watermarks while tying your space together with a pop of color.

    16. A mini fridge because, let's be honest here — your kitchen is at the other end of your railroad apartment and you canNOT be bothered to run alllllll the way down there just to grab your fav snacks between calls. This solves everything. Period.

    17. A monitor memo board so you no longer have to stick reminders directly to your monitor. It also has a convenient phone stand, so you can discreetly read your incoming messages from your BFF while still ~actively participating~ in your company's virtual team building activity.

    the side of computer organizer

    18. A keyboard cover, because you are on your third work laptop and if you ruin another, I.T. will NOT be happy.

    a cup of water spilled on the purple protective keyboard layer

    19. A desk mirror perfect for quickly checking your teeth and face for any food that may have been left behind from lunch. There's nothing worse than seeing yourself smile on camera during a call, only to find some spinach hiding out between your chiclets.

    20. A ~new~ pair of blue-light-blocking glasses that may not only help reduce digital eye strain, but will also add some serious ~sophistication~ to your Zoom lewks.

    21. An adorable puppy who will gently hold your blue light glasses overnight and greet you with a warm smile every morning when you sit down at your desk.

    four puppy statues that can hold glasses

    22. A chic MacBook case that's also extra grippy (remember, you've ruined several computers at this point) so it doesn't accidentally slip from your clumsy, buttery hands.

    Chic Geeks rose gold laptop case on a MacBook Pro

    23. And a fleece throw blanket, since the one you've been using for almost two years now is pretty worn out and pilling.

    model sitting on sofa with the faux sherpa blanket

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