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    27 Home Products Amazon Customers Are Loving Right Now

    Fun little upgrades for every room in your house.

    Amazon has a list of products called "Movers and Shakers," which is pretty much just fancy talk for things that are currently ~trending~. Here are some of the most useful and loved home products on the list this week:

    1. A nonslip bath rug with an extra-deep pile that feels oh-so-luxurious on the foot. Not only does this prevent water from getting all over your bathroom floor, but it also protects your piggies from the cold tile!

    absorbent bath mat in navy blue

    2. A stretch slipcover if there's just no rescuing your old, beat-up couch. This is a quick and easy way to basically get a new place to sit *without* having to shell out thousands of dollars.

    3. A pack of sheet suspender straps to keep your sheets pulled nice and tight so you don't have to waste extra time straightening them out in the morning.

    4. A handheld electric milk frother that'll make your morning coffee (whether it be hot or iced) a little extra special with literally the press of a button. Just because you're feeling lazy doesn't mean you should have to forgo your fancy coffee.

    a mason jar with iced coffee and thick foam

    5. A sunrise alarm clock, perfect for when you have to (regrettably) rise before the sun — yuck! It's designed to gently wake you by mimicking the effect of sunlight (which is way better than an annoying alarm sound, imo).

    reviewer photo showing sunrise alarm clock "lit up"

    6. A set of NoNo Brackets — curtain rod brackets you just attach to your blinds so you can hang curtains in a renter-friendly, drill-free way. I mean, can you say GENIUS?!

    7. A Bissell surface steam cleaner that'll naturally sanitize surfaces in your home and restore them to a level of cleanliness that, frankly, you've probably never seen before.

    8. An ultra-thin socket cover with an attached six-plug power strip so you can discreetly hide all those intertwined snakes and let your furniture sit flush with the wall. Eyesores are NOT our vibe this year, heard?

    9. OR, a six-outlet extender if you don't have time to worry about eyesores because you just need more outlets in your home for all your tech gadgets. This takes a standard two-outlet socket and converts it to six — voila!

    Charger with several large plugs in it

    10. A fast-acting air purifier that'll circulate the air in your room four times per hour and is virtually silent. Pet hair, dander, dust, and seasonal allergies are no match for this 'lil thing.

    11. A fluffy throw blanket, a fantastic alternative to the highly beloved Barefoot Dreams. This has allll the same plushness and trendy style at a much more approachable price tag.

    A green and white checkered blanket draped on a couch

    12. A Baseboard Buddy basically a specialized Swiffer for, you guessed it, your baseboards. Just extend the handle and go to town on this often-overlooked surface in your home and experience the horror of seeing just how much dust this thing picks up.

    13. A BlenderBottle shaker bottle that'll have you whipping up your protein shakes like a pro in no time. It's also leak-and-spillproof, which makes it even easier to travel with.

    reviewer holding the black shaker

    14. A multitasking LED alarm clock so you can 1. wake up to an alarm that's *not* your phone (first-thing-in-the-morning scrollers, we know how that goes!) and 2. has two USB ports so you can charge said phone while you get some blissful Zzzzzs.

    a reviewer photo of a digital alarm clock

    15. A jar of TakeRoot, a growing hormone specifically formulated with all the nutrients your 'lil cuttings need to become fully formed plant adults.

    16. A bamboo utensil organizer that'll immediately transform your silverware drawer from chaos to organized chic in an instant. You're welcome!

    reviewer photo showing their silverware neatly organized in the bamboo drawer organizer

    17. A portable power bank because, well, it's 2023 and what are you doing if you don't have one of these yet??? Especially if you're the friend whose phone is always dying or is always asking for a charger.

    reviewer holding the power bank in white

    18. And some Miracle-Gro plant food spikes so you don't have to buy new houseplants this spring since you continue to fail as a plant parent. These are foolproof and literally feed your plants for you.

    19. A countertop ice maker since filling up ice cube trays and trying to transport them from the sink to the freezer spill-free is one helluva balancing act that just shouldn't be expected of the general public. Life is hard enough, get a countertop ice cube maker!!!

    A reviewer's light blue/green ice maker full of ice: "nine cubes every six minutes"

    20. A Shark robot vacuum that does all the dirty work for you. With the press of a couple of buttons you can set its cleaning schedule and have it sucking up pesky crumbs and pet hair so you can finally walk barefoot again.

    21. A pack of rug grippers so you won't slip and break your ankle during your nightly routine of eating ice cream while breaking out in full song and dance. Just stick 'em on and they'll adhere to your tile or wood flooring to prevent any and all slippage.

    22. A hearty bottle of Poo-Pourri because stinky bathrooms are sooooooo not the vibe. This seriously helps tackle bad odors and will keep your loo smelling fresh as flowers.

    Small bottle of toilet spray

    23. A bestselling garlic press since actually mincing garlic is rather tedious and should be reserved for the Gordon Ramsays of the world.

    24. A 10-in-1 eight-blade vegetable slicer designed to ~chop off~ a good portion of your prep work for every meal.

    container with slicer on top and a chopped onion inside

    25. A toy hammock so your kids can simultaneously play some hoops while cleaning up their massive stuffed animal collection that's splayed out across the floor.

    reviewer photo showing all their stuffed animals in a purple hammock

    26. A teensy mini waffle maker because mini things just taste better, duh!! Scientifically speaking, it provides more flavor and deliciousness per square inch of total waffle which = you need to buy this. Your mornings (and honestly, late nights) will be so much better for it.

    two cooked waffles next to small blue waffle maker

    27. Lastly, a pack of sticky stakes that'll impressively take care of all those pesky bugs that are obsessed with your plants and/or wont leave your kitchen. So gross but somehow satisfying?? IDK.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.