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You Know You're Celebrating Duhawk Day When You...

As we approach the 6th Annual Duhawk Day on Wednesday, March 14th, here are FIVE ways you can CELEBRATE how great it is being a Duhawk!

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4. Email and text all of your Duhawk Friends to wish them a happy Duhawk Day and meet up with them at an event near you!

Duhawks celebrating in Atlanta last year.

From Arizona to Washington D.C., alumni gather across the country to celebrate Duhawk Day. How will you be celebrating? Visit to attend an event near you. Don't see your hometown? Contact to host an event near you.

5. Remember to be one of the 1450 donors to help us reach our donor goal!

1450 Alta Vista is our home away from home. Any gifts, large or small, make a difference! Mark your calendars for Wednesday, March 14h.

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