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    13 Major Things That Change When You Go From High School To College

    We're all struggling, it's fine.

    1. SparkNotes just won't cut it anymore.

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    Goodbye last minute grade savers, SparkNotes has done all it can for you, now you're on your own.

    2. Eating isn't quite as exciting when it's not your mom's homemade lunch and you have to fend for yourself., Bravo

    Buffet style is no longer exciting whatsoever.

    3. Your caffeine intake increases exponentially.

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    You may have survived high school without a caffeine addiction, but in college you'll find yourself Googling "what's the maximum amount of caffeine I can consume at once?!"

    4. Sleep is almost non-existent.


    All-nighters used to be something you did for fun with your friends, but are now a weekly occurrence and very not fun.

    5. There's nothing that will excite you more than free food.

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    Seeing the word FREE now literally gives you whiplash.

    6. Naps just seem to hit different.

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    They're a necessity.

    7. Your professors become 10000% more relaxed.

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    My professor doesn't wear shoes.

    8. DOGS. They're EVERYWHERE!

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    Dogs are a powerful source of happiness in college. Seeing one on campus makes the test you just bombed fade into oblivion.

    9. Haircuts become few and far between because they only happen when you go home for break.


    Or when mom decides to pay for it.

    10. Your sense of humor becomes bleaker and bleaker.


    If you can get through one day of college without hearing at least one person joke about dropping out you get a gold star.

    11. Attendance becomes non-mandatory (at least in your mind it does).

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    The size of your lecture classes multiplies by 10 for the midterm and final.

    12. Sweatpants become your go-to lewk.


    There is a college uniform and it is called a groutfit... look it up.

    13. And you wouldn't be able to get through a single day without Advil.


    You didn't realize the power of an Advil in high school. Remembering to bring Advil to campus is more important than your ID.