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    13 Major Things That Change When You Go From High School To College

    We're all struggling, it's fine.

    1. SparkNotes just won't cut it anymore.

    2. Eating isn't quite as exciting when it's not your mom's homemade lunch and you have to fend for yourself.

    3. Your caffeine intake increases exponentially.

    4. Sleep is almost non-existent.

    5. There's nothing that will excite you more than free food.

    6. Naps just seem to hit different.

    7. Your professors become 10000% more relaxed.

    8. DOGS. They're EVERYWHERE!

    9. Haircuts become few and far between because they only happen when you go home for break.

    10. Your sense of humor becomes bleaker and bleaker.

    11. Attendance becomes non-mandatory (at least in your mind it does).

    12. Sweatpants become your go-to lewk.

    13. And you wouldn't be able to get through a single day without Advil.