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21 Reasons Why You Should Never Own A Yorkshire Terrier

Warning: Yorkies will change your life.

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1. This adorable little thing you see here is a Yorkshire Terrier, and it is the worst thing that will ever happen to you.

@cookingwithstephie / Via

(And yes, it's a secret but don't tell anyone: they're just as sweet as they look.)

2. They're a huge problem, because they steal everything: your socks, your whole heart, etc.

@lilmorkiebru / Via

Sure, they'll take your socks to play with for a few short minutes and eventually you'll get them back. But your heart? That they'll never give back.


4. And they're CREEPS! They're always spying on people and finding secret little places to observe what's going on.

@lilmorkiebru / Via

Also, they don't even realize how tiny they are, so basically they think they can take care of you and your house.

7. They're constantly curling up and hiding away in little nooks and crannies.

@k_hunsberger / Via

Obviously you'll want to smother it with kisses when you turn around and see it curled up like a donut, but good luck trying to find them when they're this small and adorable and tucked away.


9. They take better photos than you do.

Such a problem. Their photos get millions of likes on Instagram and Facebook. You can't even get more than a few.


13. And they know what look to give you when they want something from you.

@charlie_and_thor / Via

Manipulative little devils. Each of their little faces gets them what they want: for you to love them more and more.

18. They're really needy. You can't go anywhere without them.

@yorkieheaven / Via

They even fit in your purse. Of course, not all of them are so calm, some are little earthquakes... but they have a good a time when you take them for a walk.


21. Don't get a Yorkie if you want a faithful friend, who will be by your side when you're sad, and that will make you happy every day of your life.