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    16 Ideas For Organizing All Of Your Shoes

    Ain't nobody got time for shoes left out and about.

    1. Put them on display with a white floating shelf:

    2. If you have more of a ~boho~ soul, bust out some wood crates:

    3. Hang all those heels from a ladder...

    4. Or a shoe grid, for a more industrial feel:

    5. If you're a DIY champ, you can take a crack at making this ladder shoe shelf:

    6. Or, keep them lined up underneath a clothing rack.

    7. Keep your sneakers organized in these cylinders:

    8. And for fans of all things multi-purpose, make this shoe rack stand that doubles as a table:

    9. For a more celebrity shoe closet vibe, dedicate an entire bookshelf to your shoes:

    10. Or go with a cabinet with glass doors to keep your most precious acquisitions dust-free:

    11. For the boot fanatic, here's a solution for keeping them orderly:

    12. And here's an entryway organizer to keep those three or four standby pairs always on hand:

    13. For a more ~country cottage~ look, go with the basket route:

    14. And if you're really serious about those floating shelves, make a whole shoe corner out of it:

    15. If you seriously don't want your shoes to be seen, but you don't have space in your closet, hang a curtain like this:

    16. And, at the end of the day, if you are someone who loves practical things, just invest in a simple organizer that hangs behind the door.

    This post was translated from Spanish.