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    Mar 11, 2018

    16 Ideas For Organizing All Of Your Shoes

    Ain't nobody got time for shoes left out and about.

    1. Put them on display with a white floating shelf:

    Style MBA / Via

    To make everything look elegant, it's important to maintain a balance of colors (preferably in golden, black, gray, and earth tones) and to not group the objects too closely. Make sure to vary the sizes and textures.

    Style MBA gives you the details on how to dress up shelves here.

    2. If you have more of a ~boho~ soul, bust out some wood crates:

    The MerryThought / Via

    Keep some boxes in their original color, and paint the others white. See more about this hipster decor choice from The MerryThought.

    3. Hang all those heels from a ladder...

    Arianna Belle / Via, Via

    Get one that you can lean against the wall or paint. For more details on shoe ladders, Arianna Belle goes into it here.

    4. Or a shoe grid, for a more industrial feel:

    Burkatron / Via

    5. If you're a DIY champ, you can take a crack at making this ladder shoe shelf:

    Nicola Lemmon / Via

    A Pair and A Spare has the tutorial for this shoe organizer.

    6. Or, keep them lined up underneath a clothing rack.

    Anikasalsera / Getty Images

    It's what your fave retailers and boutiques do!

    7. Keep your sneakers organized in these cylinders:

    Cookie Loves Milk / Via

    Cookie Loves Milk shows you how to make this shoe organizer here.

    8. And for fans of all things multi-purpose, make this shoe rack stand that doubles as a table:

    homedit / Via

    Homedit has the instructions on how to put together this shoe stand here.

    9. For a more celebrity shoe closet vibe, dedicate an entire bookshelf to your shoes:

    Getty Images

    It'll look best if it's painted white.

    10. Or go with a cabinet with glass doors to keep your most precious acquisitions dust-free:

    Wellesley and King / Via

    If you have pets, or mischievous children in the house, this is the best solution. Wellesley and King have more tips to organize your shoes here.

    11. For the boot fanatic, here's a solution for keeping them orderly:

    Keeping them them on a special rack is the perfect solution to keep them intact and organized.

    12. And here's an entryway organizer to keep those three or four standby pairs always on hand:

    Apartment Therapy / Via

    Apartment Therapy teaches you how easy it is to make here.

    13. For a more ~country cottage~ look, go with the basket route:

    Extra points if you keep potted flowers nearby.

    14. And if you're really serious about those floating shelves, make a whole shoe corner out of it:

    @fru_lalala / Via

    An idea from Instagrammer @Fru_Lala that doesn't require much space.

    15. If you seriously don't want your shoes to be seen, but you don't have space in your closet, hang a curtain like this:

    decorpad / Via

    Place a shoe rack against a wall close to your bed and dress it up with an elegant curtain. This way, it will seem like a window or a door, and no one will have to see them.

    16. And, at the end of the day, if you are someone who loves practical things, just invest in a simple organizer that hangs behind the door.

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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