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    29 Looks For Women Who Don't Want To Wear Heels

    Because it's possible to be comfortable and look good at the same time.

    1. Dress all in black with leather leggings and white Converse sneakers:

    2. Or in a simple dress with classic all-white Reeboks:

    3. Adidas, a striped shirt, and wide distressed pants:

    4. A way laid-back look, with Adidas Superstars from Pharrell:

    5. And red sneakers help add the perfect touch to any casual outfit:

    6. Or try out canvas sneakers with a pencil skirt and a tucked-in blouse:

    7. Sneakers look good with a dress and long blazer:

    8. And here's proof that you can wear something other than boots on cold days:

    9. A super-long skirt, a simple T-shirt, and a lively pair of tennis shoes:

    10. Adidas with checked pants and a solid top:

    11. Simple leggings, a white shirt, an oversized cardigan, and a colorful pair of kicks:

    12. Crisp, white Converse shoes can save almost any outfit, giving it a fresh and relaxed feel:

    13. If you love matching, this ochre-toned look with gold sneakers is perfect for you:

    14. Oh, and don't be afraid to wear those bright running shoes outside the gym:

    15. If you want something more subtle, try a monochromatic ensemble with comfortable slip-ons:

    16. A little skirt, a long-sleeved cotton shirt, and tennis shoes:

    17. When you want to look cool even on the hottest of days:

    18. Patterned shoes can also be stylish. Try them out with a simple white T-shirt and a leather jacket:

    19. And despite what you've heard, tights with tennis shoes is not a sin:

    20. Throw on some faux-leather pants and a plaid shirt and you'll look incredible:

    21. Don't be afraid to try something these mint green shoes:

    22. The summer normcore look was made for casual sneakers:

    23. And if you can find a pair of platform sneakers, you can pull off some pretty daring looks:

    24. Pretty much everyone has the components for this look in their closet. Just go for it.

    25. Slightly shorter pants look great with a matching pair of Nikes:

    26. And that rock star look also works well with tennis shoes:

    27. Definitive proof that there's nothing wrong with wearing fur with jeans and rubber-soled shoes:

    28. A flirty look that's, miraculously, also comfortable:

    29. Wear those sneakers with shades of gray and touches of white: