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Instagrammers Are Doing This Makeup Thing Called "Instaception," And It's Gorgeous

Soooo meta.

Okay, listen up guys: There's a new trend on beauty Instagram, and it's called ~ Instaception~.

The 'grammer who started this Instaception movement is the makeup artist @dom.skii:

And at this point, you can find tons of other posts related to this trend with the hashtag #instaception.

Basically, makeup artists and beauty influencers alike are creating tiny, flawless Instagram posts on their faces...

And then, posting a photo of that mini Insta post on Instagram itself.

(Sounds super meta, right?)

The results are gorgeous — and they highlight just how much work it takes to create some of these seemingly effortless lewks:

It's a reminder that, at the end of the day, Instagram is a place where we usually only see the "end results."

And that even the biggest influencers put in dedicated time and energy to look the way they do:

Instagram: @dedeglows

Plus, it reminds us that makeup is a serious art form!

Instagram: @mrssadams001

So the next time you see someone post on Instagram and get insanely jealous about their makeup skills...

Just remember that you're only seeing ~part of the picture~...

Instagram: @michaeltreatt

And that there's always more than meets the [fabulously contoured] eye. Okay?

Instagram: @riley

Now, go have some fun with that highlighter.

This post was translated from Spanish.

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