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    20 Next-Level Halloween Makeup Tutorials To Master ASAP

    Some serious visual tricks AND treats.

    1. Halloween Demon:

    Desi Perkins / Via

    Or as YouTuber Desi Perkins calls it, the "demon smurf." Full tutorial here.

    2. Queen of the dead:

    Roxxsaurus / Via

    We're getting major Nightmare Before Christmas meets Addams Family vibes from this, and we love it. Here's the tutorial.

    3. Morticia Addams:

    atleeeey / Via

    Top with a wig as black as your soul. Full tutorial here.

    4. Neon skull:

    James Charles / Via

    There's a fun disco-Harvey-Dent thing going on here, and it's especially great if you can't commit to doing up a full face. Full tutorial here.

    5. Chucky & Chucky's bride:

    Jordan Hanz / Via

    Perfect for you and your possessed doll friend of choice. Full tutorial here.

    6. Cosmic alien:

    atleeeey / Via

    Brb, living for those pink eyebrows. Watch the tutorial here.

    7. Vintage pin-up zombie:

    atleeeey / Via

    An undead spin on the retro trend. Full tutorial here.

    8. Freddy Krueger:

    Alex Faction / Via

    For finishing touches, you'd just need a fedora plus a red and black striped sweater. Full tutorial here.

    9. Bloody Mary:

    Heather Moorhouse / Via

    Bonus points if you scare the shit out of someone in the bathroom. Full tutorial here.

    10. A slit throat:

    Karolina Maria / Via

    For a true gore-lover. Get the tutorial here.

    11. Glam Jack O' Lantern:

    Cosmobyhaley / Via

    For this season's die-hard pumpkin lovers. Full tutorial here.

    12. Pennywise:

    Wesley Benjamin Carter / Via

    Minimalist, yet malicious af. Get the full tutorial here.

    13. Betty Boop:

    dope2111 / Via

    It's all in the doll eyes. Full tutorial here.

    14. Diamond skull:

    Nicole Guerriero / Via

    Dead, but make it extra. Full tutorial here.

    15. Dead Snow White:

    Kristen Leanne / Via

    Give the ol' Disney Princess thing a dark twist. Full tutorial here.

    16. Black Swan:

    Victoria Lyn Beauty / Via

    Guaranteed to make Darren Aronofsky proud. Full tutorial here.

    17. Jigsaw:

    Madeyewlook / Via

    So good, it's terrifying. Full tutorial here.

    18. Glam Beetlejuice:

    atleeeey / Via

    Another masterful look from the YouTuber atleeeey. Full tutorial here.

    19. Michael Myers from Halloween:

    Pinkstylist / Via

    A horror classic done way cooler than with just a mask. Full tutorial here.

    20. Glam Cheshire Cat:

    Nivii06 / Via

    Why be a sexy kitty when you could be Lewis Carroll's freaky kitty? Full tutorial here.

    This post was translated from Spanish.