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19 Beauty YouTubers Who Must Be Stopped

They've gone about 1,900 layers too far.

1. Let's begin with the ringleader: the YouTuber who started this whole thing by painting her nails with more than 100 layers of nail polish.

2. Given the success of that first video, Simply Nailogical decided to try it again, but this time using 100 layers of transparent nail polish.

3. Then there was the YouTuber who thought it was a good idea to put on 100 layers of bronzer.

4. And this woman, who decided to try it with 100 layers of liquid base because...why not?

5. And then this woman who decided to put on 100 layers of eyeshadow.

6. And this woman who decided to record herself putting 100 layers of mascara on her eyelashes.

7. And then this man who put on 100 layers of a facial peel both to get out his blackheads and because nobody stopped him.

8. This young lady applied 100 layers of spray coloring on her head, and somehow her hair didn't fall out.

9. Next there was the one who made herself up with 100 layers of eyeliner.

10. How do you feel about this girl who applied 100 layers of face-paint? Yes, the same kind that clowns use at children's parties.

11. And then we have this woman, who invested her time and effort into putting 100 layers of illuminator on her cheeks.

12. Then stuff started getting really weird, like when this macabre person put 100 layers of nail polish on a Barbie.

13. "I wonder what would happen if you applied 100 layers of makeup on your eyebrows?" asked nobody ever.

14. And then this young vlogger, who apparently has a lot of free time, put in 100 layers of hair gel.

15. And then there's this horror: a daring young man who decided to up the ante and apply 100 layers of acne face mask on one side of his face and 100 layers of liquid base on the other.

16. Why waste your time and money on one measly lip treatment when you can use 100 layers of lipstick?

17. And who needs a costly facelift when you could just apply 100 layers of contour?

18. This girl decided to color her cheeks with 100 layers of rouge.