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Single And Done With Valentines Day?

Basically this is what I think of Valentines Day and what i'm going o be doing this year!

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Single on valentines again? Yea me too! Don't worry we'll get through this together, either that or I'm going to raid the sweetie drawer!

Just your typical student working part time in a bar/restaurant in order to be able to pay for basic things like the occasional nandos or tank of petrol and every year I end out working on Valentines day! Not that I have someone to spend the day with...but thats not the point.

Every year I get to goto work and look at happy couples arguing over whos cuter and who bought the cutest gift *rolls eyes*, but this year I wont be telling people about the specials we have on the menu because this smart cookie put it off work as soon as the new works calander went out! 😂

So what actually will I be doing on the 14th?? Well...for starts its a Tuesday so I wont be at uni and secondly that means I'm gonna have such a good long lie in bed, while others are making the early morning dash to Tescos garage for £5 flowers and a box of Guylian chocolates, i'll still be sounds asleep! Ive already gathered that every restaurant (including my own work) will be absolutely jumpin so I think i'll have either a takeaway Chinese or Indian.


Then once ive devoured what ever delights I order i'm more than likely to sit around and wallow in self pity and wonder why no boy want to be my boyfriend! JK I know fine well why that is, I just get way too bored way too easily. But boy do I certainly know how to pick em! 😂😂😂

Makes ye laugh doesnt it!........ANYWAY!

Basically on valentines I probably should've went to work because ill more than likely be bored out my brain and not even go out...hmm this was a mistake, perhaps ill scribble my name out the calendar before the rota is done. Oh well, roll on 2018!

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