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    Got Extra Cardboard Lying Around? Put It To Good Use With These Four DIY Projects

    Save money AND the planet.

    4 Ways to Reuse Cardboard At Home

    Twine Basket


    Cardboard boxes

    Hot glue


    Pillow Case


    1. Fold the openings of a small cardboard box inward.

    2. Use a hot glue gun to spread glue in a line.

    3. Place twine on top of the glue and continue gluing the twine until you have about 2 inches of exposed cardboard.

    4. Now cut the end of any excess twine.

    5. Insert a pillow case at the top and cover the exposed cardboard.

    6. Fill it with towels, clothes, toiletries and enjoy!

    Desk Organizer


    Cardboard box


    Hot glue


    1. Cut a piece of cardboard 4 inches x 12 inches.

    2. Fold the piece of cardboard into thirds.

    3. Cover the edge of the cardboard with decor tape leaving 1-2 inches of excess on one side.

    4. Fold the cardboard into a triangle using the edge of a table or a heavy ruler.

    5. Use the tape to stick the piece into shape.

    6. Repeat steps 1-4 until you have 9 triangles.

    7. Using a hot glue gun, glue the triangles together in the shape of a larger triangle.

    8. Allow the hot glue to cool.

    9. Fill the slots with pens, colored marker or other items and enjoy!

    Storage Box


    Large cardboard box

    Contact paper




    1. Wrap the exterior of a large cardboard box with contact paper.

    2. On two ends, cut triangles to create handles for the box.

    3. Use the box to store toys, clothes, or other things around the house!

    4. Enjoy!

    Drawer Organizer


    Measuring tape

    Contact paper



    1. Measure the length, width, and depth of a clothing drawer.

    2. Cut 2 pieces of cardboard with the length and depth of the drawer.

    3. Cut 2 piece of cardboard with the width and depth of the drawer.

    4. Use contact paper to wrap the pieces of cardboard.

    5. On each piece cut slots at ⅓ of the length.

    6. Arrange the horizontal pieces first and then insert the vertical pieces inside of your drawer. The arrangement should look like a grid with 9 boxes.

    7. Fill it with clothing or other items and enjoy!