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Celebrating 10 Years Of This Is England

This is England is 10 years old today.

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Unbelievably, This is England marks its 10th anniversary today. The award winning film went on to spawn the This is England 86, This is England 88 and This is England 90 mini series and there is even talk of a final film to bookend the series and finish things off.

Starting with the semi autobiographical character of Shaun Fields, director Shane Meadows went on to explore his other characters in his mini series. Most Notably Lol and how she coped with an abusive Father and having a child of her own.

With questions still unanswered, Meadows has hinted at a final film that would tie up the loose ends and leave us knowing what happened to the characters many of us have grown up with.

What better way to celebrate 10 years of this great film and legacy than getting a special birthday message from a Brazilian P.E. teacher that was on X Factor. So here it is...

Wagner Wishing This is England a Happy 10th Birthday

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Whatever happens, Meadows has created a legacy that not only tells a great story but embraces a number of Britain's great subcultures. I am hoping for one last film but we will just have to wait and see.

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