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7 Awesome Outdoor Gifts For Anyone With A Yard

Sorry, did someone say "curb appeal?"

1. A 60-volt leaf blower that'll get those leaves OUTTA HERE in no time.

2. A lightweight string trimmer that'll whack wily weeds.

3. A powerful chainsaw that'll clear downed branches, chop old stumps, and cut firewood easily for your next backyard s'more soiree.

4. A reliable snowblower that'll combat wet and dry snowfall, and make pathways passable so everyone's a little safer from slips and falls.

5. A handy hedge trimmer that'll get the job done on overgrown shrubs (and complement your toolkit if you ever decide to pick up topiary).

6. A cordless lawn mower that'll put you in control and help you get that 👌perfect👌 cut.

7. And a powerful pressure washer that'll probably send any passersby down a major #pressurewasher #powerwashing rabbit hole.

Guess what?! Most of these operate on Greenworks' interchangeable 60-volt battery system. Check out the lineup at Lowe's for more outdoor maintenance gift ideas!

All images provided by Greenworks. Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.