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Environmental Art Installations We Wish Could Last Forever

The saddest part about environmental art is that it's eventually taken down, or destroyed by the weather. But there are a few works so gorgeous that we wish had been made into permanent installations, so we could see them whenever we wanted. Check out a few of the creations that we're missing the most, and don't forget to help Green Works raise environmental awareness by watching this video.

"Rowan Leaves," By Andy Goldsworthy

"Reverse Grafitti," By Mr. Kiji

Street artist, Mr. Kiji, partnered with Green Works to transform an underpass in L.A. into an art gallery, by using cleaning products to remove the dirt and grime from over the years. His "cleaning" left behind inspiring shapes and designs and brings forth the notion that small changes and action can have an impact on the environment.

"Inflatable Animals" By Joshua Allen Harris

"The Blue Trees," By Konstantin Dimopoulos

"The Vertical Landscape," By Ryo Yamada

"The New York Waterfalls," By Olafur Eliasson

"Preserve Conserve," By Jill Chism

"Stellar Axis: Antarctica," By Lita Albuquerque

"The Melting Vitruvian Man," By John Quigley

Helen Evans And Heiki Hansen's "Green Cloud"