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9 Yummy Reasons To Switch To Healthy Cookware

Why are we concerned about healthy food, but not healthy cookware? GreenLife is a completely toxin-free ceramic nonstick pan. Your food and family will thank you (plus it looks great on Instagram)!

1. When the skin of the salmon sears perfectly.

2. When you flip the pancake and there’s no stick.

3. When you can do this with your omelet.

4. When the stir-fry stirs like this.

5. When the shrimp crispens.

6. When the marshmallows melt.

7. When grilled cheese...does what grilled cheese does best.

8. When the veggies are ready to meet the pasta.

9. When cleanup is a cinch!

Feeling inspired to hone your culinary skills? Detoxify your kitchen by cooking with GreenLife toxin-free, ceramic, nonstick pans (👇like this super-photogenic three-piece set available from Walmart for 40% off at just $29.99👇).

Photography by Sarah Stone / © BuzzFeed