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How To Make Sure Your Dog Has The Best Christmas Ever

Haters will say, "But dogs don't know it's Christmas." Oh, they know.

1. Dress them up in their favorite Christmas sweater.

2. Keep them warm and cozy every night with plenty of hearty cuddles.

3. Watch their favorite movies with them.

4. Hide dog treats around the house for them to find!

5. Get them adorable dog mittens so they can prance around in the snow.

6. Make a huge puppy fort out of all the leftover boxes and wrapping paper.

7. Give them mistletoe kisses on their precious, precious little face.

8. Play their favorite games.


Your best friend has been so, so good this year. So make this Christmas the best one yet and give 'em GREENIES™ treats!

All illustrations by Tyler Naugle for BuzzFeed.