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14 Reasons Having A Dog During The Holidays Is The Best

Dogs are truly the greatest thing to ever happen to us.

1. You get to play in the snow together.

2. You get to watch them delicately open their gifts...

3. ...and cover them in the wrapping paper for some fire Instagram pics.

4. You get to create incredibly tasteful works of photography...

5. ...and send heartwarming holiday cards.

6. You get to see the look on their face as they come to learn Santa is very real and he knows exactly what they did.

7. You get to watch them play out their biggest fantasies.

8. You get to put Santa hats on their chubby little heads...

9. ...or incredibly realistic reindeer antlers.

10. You get to watch them try to play it cool when they accidentally knock over the tree.

11. You get to spend precious quality time with them...

12. ...and indulge in those warm wintertime cuddles.

13. You get to spend lazy afternoons inside, creating precious memories with everyone you love most.


But the best part about having a dog during the holidays is spoiling them rotten by getting them what they really want: GREENIES™ treats!