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11 Faces Everyone Has Made At Least Once When The Direct Deposit Hit

Is there a better feeling than checking your balance on payday? Sign up for a Green Dot card today and enjoy a new way to bank.

1. When your balance has been running low for days and the direct deposit can't hit fast enough:

2. When you get a notification on your phone that it finally did:

3. When you look at your new, improved balance:

4. When you think about all the bills you're going to be able to pay in full and on time:

5. And it allows you to start plotting your next purchase:

6. When you realize it's payday when you're out with friends:

7. When you double-check the balance because it's

8. When you're out in public and suddenly remember it's payday:

9. When you start planning how you're going to pay your bills AND do a little just-for-fun spending AND save some money:

10. When you figure out how to automatically split your direct deposit between savings and checking like a real grown-up:

11. When you remember there's another deposit coming in just a few weeks:

What if your bank could give you that direct-deposit-just-hit feeling? Green Dot is a new kind of bank with no overdraft fees* ever; no credit check to get a card**; and intuitive features to help customers manage their money.

*Other fees apply.

**Card registration is required for intuitive features.