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    My Mom Ranks The Songs On Olivia Rodrigo's <i>SOUR</i>

    Do you get deja vu...from listening to SOUR so much?

    Prior to the release of SOUR, my Gen X mother knew Olivia Rodrigo from projects like An American Girl: Grace Stirs Up Success and Bizaardvark, both of which my sisters and I loved.

    American Girl / Via

    When SOUR came out and Olivia Rodrigo shot to stardom, Gen X-ers all over the world had strong opinions on her emotional breakup songs. Here are some of my mom's thoughts while listening through the album.

    11. brutal

    Olivia Rodrigo / Via

    "That guitar part sounds familiar. The title really fits. This song is brutal."

    10. jealousy, jealousy

    Olivia Rodrigo / Via Twitter: @olivia_rodrigo

    "Girl, you need to get over him. Live your life and don't worry about anyone else."

    9. enough for you

    Geffen Records / Via

    "Did she sing this in that High School Musical show?"

    8. happier

    Geffen Records / Via

    "Honey, he seems a lot happier with the blonde girl. Just let him be."

    7. favorite crime

    Olivia Rodrigo / Via

    "This song is pretty but she shouldn't take him back. Not like he's asking her back anyway."

    6. 1 step forward, 3 steps back

    Geffen Records / Via

    "Aww, the poor girl is heartbroken over him. You need to move on, sister. This boy isn't the end of the world."

    5. good 4 u

    Geffen Records / Via

    "Wow. I haven't listened to the lyrics very well before. Why is she so bitter?"

    4. drivers license

    Olivia Rodrigo / Via

    "No wonder he dumped her. Boys don't like girls who are crass or profane."

    3. hope ur ok

    Tumblr / Via

    "At least this isn't about that Bassett boy still."

    2. traitor

    Geffen Records / Via

    "This boy really hurt her. Poor thing."

    1. deja vu

    Olivia Rodrigo / Via

    "Did she mention Glee? They play this song a lot, but it's really growing on me."

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