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10 Geeky Gifts That Will Definitely Have You Win Valentine Day This Year

Say what you want about the geeks, but we have cute shit that beats your typical flowers and chocolate.

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1. Supershelf! A unique shelf for any geeky fan!


Review: "I love this shelf so much, I use it for my graphic novels. A note would be to use a sturdy one at the bottom, since there is a tendency for a bit of a bend in the books from the weight. Otherwise, couldn't be more pleased!" – Victoria

Price: $34.

2. 8-BIT Flower Bouquet


Nothing says I love you like flowers, right?


"The flowers that won't die!


Great novelty item.

Comes with a plastic stand or you can use the notches on the backside to hang on a wall.

They don't need to be watered.


Lack of flowery fragrance." – Tony S.

Price: $14.55

3. Marvel Avengers Captain America Shield Cutting Board


On his spare time, Steve Rogers probably cuts his veggies on his shield. Typical Cap. But now so can you!

Review: "My wife and I are a unique kind of people so when looking for those kinds of gifts for Christmas this item popped up. My first reaction was that it was cool but I wasn't sure if my wife would like it being not that big a fan of Captain America. My other concern was if the size was going to be adequate. After my wife opened her gift she was thrilled and so was I. The size is perfect and the image is placed under the glass so it won't become scratched off. My wife says that the bottom of the cutting board is ceramic with a layer of glass sealed on top of it but I can't tell if it is or if it is just glass painted white. Very good product and I don't regret buying it." – Kindle Customer

Price: $17.71

4. Be The Character Aprons


There's a variety of aprons such as DC's Batman, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Marvel's Spiderman, Iron Man, Cap. America, Star Wars, etc. Go on, go crazy!

Review: "I am SO incredibly happy with this apron. The screen print and ink are perfectly well done. There was not a single scratch or smudge on it. The colors are bright, and they look more accurate in person than in the picture. I am a professional photographer; so taking into consideration when a product is a graphic or an actual picture is really important to me when I'm making purchases.

I'm a rather curvy woman, and the apron ties perfectly on me with several extra inches to hang. Even being curvy the apron lays on me perfectly; my body does not distort Wonder Woman's hot figure! I was so excited to wear it, and dinner was so far that I even kept it on just to make a snack. :) My boyfriend and I even got a few jokes out of me wearing it. I love it, and can bet this apron will last for a long time even if food gets on it." – Taylor R. (Purchased Wonder Woman's apron)

Price: Varies. Usually around $14–$18

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