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8 Workplaces Millennials Love

Love your job and making money? #goals Believe it or not there are some amazing “not-just-a-job” companies out there—you just have to know where to look.

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1. Adobe

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Adulting is no easy feat. Successfully adulting + time to exercise = almost impossible. That’s why Adobe offers its employees a full wellness program, including fitness classes, massage therapy, and weight watchers meetings, and more. “Me time" never felt so good (or free!).

2. Workday

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Holi-moly! With 100 events a year focusing on learning about or celebrating different racial, religious, or country-of-origin topics, Workday clearly sees the value of celebrating a diverse workforce.

3. MOD Pizza

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Besides fulfilling your #squadgoals dream, MOD Pizza offers a unique emergency fund for their MOD Squad (aka all their co-workers) that can be used for unforeseen life events. Talk about a family atmosphere.

4. Quicken Loans

Quicken Loans / Via

What’s like Shark Tank, but with 300 more audience members in front of you and online? On Quicken Loans’ Pitch Day, team members are selected from piles of idea submissions that aim to empower their team members to impact their business. The best part? Winners will have the opportunity to see their idea in action and receive a paid vacation.

5. REI

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Sometimes you just need a day for yourself. REI makes this possible through their ‘Yay Days’. Every six months, all employees can enjoy one paid day off to go outside for inspiration and live out the REI brand.

8. Protiviti

Protiviti Inc. / Via

Your Pinterest dream vacation board could become reality—if you get a job at Protiviti. Protiviti’s sabbatical program encourages employees to explore their passions for up to three months with a company stipend. We think “yaaas.”

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