12 Characters Who Had The Best Creature Friends

Sure, dogs are man’s best friend - but what if your best friend was a sassy lizard or a happy pig? Check out these characters who had best friends we all envied like Mabel and her BFF Waddles. And watch them on Gravity Falls, only on Disney Channel.

1. Lilo and Stitch

Because they have the best coordinated dance moves.

2. Penny and Bolt

Because a movie star dog would’ve made us look super cool.

3. Mogwli and Baloo

Because a friend like Baloo can take you anywhere, literally.

4. Buddy and Josh

Because he has mad basketball skills.

5. Mabel and Waddles

Because don’t we all want a pet pig?

6. Rapunzel and Pascal

Because a little buddy like Pascal makes a great cheerleader in tough times.

7. Jasmine and Rajah

Because what could possibly be better than having a giant kitty back you up?

8. Victor and Sparky

Because a friend you helped bring to life will never leave your side.

9. Sully and Boo

Because having a big, scary, furry (but cuddly) monster as a friend would make us all a little more fearless.

10. Mulan and Mushu

Because every now and then, our egos need adjusting.

11. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

Because she’d make sure we stopped to enjoy the little things.

12. Phineas, Ferb and Perry the Platypus

Because everything’s better with Perry.

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