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11 Times Friends Made Life Much Easier

Some things are better done alone, and some things are better with a little help from your friends. For these team projects, celebrate your success with a Grant's Whisky #IOU Toast.

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1. Installing that home gym you swear you'll use daily.


You caved and finally bought a Bowflex— save yourself the embarrassment and injuries before trying to install it yourself.

3. Chopping wood and building a glorious bonfire.

Clark McCaskill / BuzzFeed

Nothing is more satisfying than chopping stuff down, stacking stuff up, and then lighting it on fire while you and your buddies sit and watch it all burn.

4. Building the perfect home theater system.

Image Source / Getty Images

Whether it's sports, movies, or video games, a home theater system is the pinnacle of luxury and sheer awesomeness. It's time to upgrade your life, but have a buddy help so you don't break your back or that beautiful 72-inch flatscreen. Then kick back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

5. Planning your best friend's bachelor party.

NBC / Via

Let’s face it, last time you planned a bachelor party the groom was stranded at the airport and missed the rehearsal dinner. Call your friends and plan out the next one — his soon-to-be wife will thank you.

6. Grilling up a feast for the whole team.

Alpha / (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: avlxyz

Yeah, grilling alone is great, but grilling with friends means more meat, and more meat is NEVER a bad thing. Don't worry, cook master gets first dibs on burgers though.

7. Installing a putting green in your backyard to up your golf game.


Quit putting about. Call your buddy and build the backyard putting green of your dreams. At your house, there's never a tee time.

8. Recarpeting your living room because the cat adopted it as his litter box.

Faye Kahn BuzzFeed / Via

Ripping up carpet is good, but ripping up carpet while blaring Queen’s greatest hits with your best friend is even better.

10. Starting that landscaping business you've always wanted.

The Lonely Island / Via

Take a leap of faith and start that business you and your buddy have been talking about since grade school. Once you do, the two of you can share your expert opinions with the rest of the world, and that is one step closer to world domination.

11. Creating your own rock band.


So yeah — Chris Cornell, Rob Thomas, and Morrissey may be big and all, but they wouldn’t have gotten anywhere if they didn’t start with their band. Choose a band name, invite a friend, and rock out.

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