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    Delightfully Insane/Obsessed Parents

    My parents are retired and have become somewhat obsessed with the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow! They go into the city every day just to "soak it up" and have created events for themselves. They post the photos on Facebook and ask friends to play the judges!

    Day 1, sofa diving

    Day 2, lawn bowls

    Day 3, men's rhythmic twirling

    Day 4, ladies rhythmic twirling (good action shot here, my fathers the photographer you see)

    Day 5, discus throwing

    Day 6, hammer toss

    Day 7, bar lift

    Day 8, pie eating contest

    Day 9, balance beam

    She got so caught up in the moment that she even forgot her national flag, proving that blonde over 60s hairdressers are not the dumb stereotype you may have preconceived ideas about

    But she corrected it in time for the games :)

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