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    25 Things From Lowe’s That’ll Make Your Kitchen Feel New Without An Actual Renovation

    Your kitchen is about to get fancy.

    1. A stainless steel faucet because it's time to get rid of those glossy handles you had since FDR was president — you know, the ones that say "C" or "H" in cursive. This faucet introduces modern elements and is extendable to hit every cranny of the sink.

    a chrome stainless steel faucet with adjustable head in a kitchen

    2. A backsplash that'll give you a sleek surface to clean while looking oh-so nice. These tiles have a lovely brick pattern, so you can have some charming rustic flavor added to a usual ordinary feature.

    a mountain terrain—different shades of gold and silver—resembling bricks

    3. A stove/oven because those snail coils and old-timey ovens are no longer cutting it between the risottos and Japanese cheesecakes. From now on, enjoy electric power and even a "dish warmer" setting because you are royalty and will no longer eat on a room-temperature plate. Oh heavens.

    a black and steel oven and stovetop in a kitchen

    4. A set of new cabinets to let you reap the beauty of a rustic design every time you fetch out a mug. The natural oak finish is great on its own but also allows you to paint over it in case you feel crafty.

    a tall and narrow wooden cabinet with four shelves

    5. A new dishwasher you'll be glad you added to your kitchen setup. This behemoth cleans quietly, precisely, and efficiently — saving you potential $$$ on your electric bill and helping our good friend, the planet.

    a black and silver dishwasher holding clean utensils, dishes, bowls, and glasses

    6. A set of waterproof kitchen tiles because it's time to redo the old, cracked tile with something that is here to save the day and withstand the elements. The waterproof features are the cherry on top and will prevent even the most egregious gazpacho spills from ruining your floor.

    a kitchen with a tivoli travertine tiling on the floor

    7. A kitchen cart that'll be the underlying symbol of getting the party started. Don't slow your roll when you can store beverage mixers and snacks, and have a bonafide storage piece that adds the statement to the kitchen.

    a kitchen cart holding ports, utensils, a kettle, some tiny plants, and bowls along three shelves

    8. A new kitchen sink because you already upgraded the faucet (see above) — you may as well go all out on a new sink that will propel your kitchen into that of a five-star bistro. The white color is sleek, deep, and perfect for rinsing and washing.

    a white fireclay single bowl kitchen sink next to a granite countertop

    9. A marble laminate sheet that'll help you lay out the fresh "imported Italian" granite to your home at a fraction of the price. Sorry, Michelangelo, there is no need to carve when you can simply paste on something new and timeless.

    a marble countertop with a rolling pin and flour on it.

    10. A kitchen island because this kitchen luxury item is no longer reserved for the Logan Roys and Lucille Bluths of the world — in fact, it's cheaper than ever. A kitchen island is an obvious room saver and looks so charming with the rustic wooden finish.

    a rustic black and white wooden kitchen island on a hardwood floor and a blender and fruit bowl on top

    11. A dining room set so you can enjoy all the bells and whistles of a fancy decked-out kitchen without the fuss of shopping and assembling. So get ready because this set comes with a rustic table, bar stools, and even little slots for storage, perfect for enjoying your morning cup of coffee and solving a crossword puzzle.

    a rustic wooden and iron table and chair set in a dining room

    12. A garbage disposal that'll fix any nasty clogs that may come your way as you dice and slice at your latest kitchen party. Once installed, this essential will work wonders without effort — and certainly no clogs.

    a black and silver garbage disposal

    13. A mini-pendant light so you can gain some individual flair with each flick of the switch — talk about setting the vibe. The lights are perfect for giving power in numbers with a little old-timey illumination.

    three mini-pendant lights above a kitchen table

    14. A freestanding beverage refrigerator that'll let you keep your Dom Perignons, La Croixs, or old bottles of Mountain Dew Pitch Black at your disposal and within arms reach. This beast can hold 140 standard cans and is, of course, temperature controlled.

    a silver freestanding beverage refrigerator holding different cans of soda

    15. A pot-filler faucet to finally give you all the room needed to fill that dang cumbersome pot with water. This does not even mention that the geometric pattern and lengthy bronze color make for just a stunning statement piece.

    a brass gold pot filler above a large stovetop

    16. A pot rack because it's time to save on space, keep your kitchen supplies pristine, and wow your guests with some elegant restaurant vibes. The pot rack just adds that little something-something to really turn your kitchen game up.

    a pot rack holding eight pots and pans above a kitchen island

    17. A set of LED lights so your kitchen can now have some splendid, modern auras, all with a flick of a switch. Okay, there's some installation, but it's a small price for a chic new kitchen atmosphere.

    a black and white LED light on a kitchen ceiling and above a kitchen island

    18. A new microwave because those curry and tomato sauce stains are just one too many, and it's time to upgrade. This one is fingerprint-resistant and comes with a myriad of settings to give you the perfect Hot Pocket every time.

    a stainless steel microwave above a stainless steel oven

    19. A set of floor cabinets to better provide essential storage and some rustic charm whenever you go to fetch a mug or dish. These cabinets are easy to install and essential to keeping your kitchen running efficiently.

    a white floor cabinet next to a door and fire place

    20. A runner rug because, yes, a rug can survive in a kitchen and will only enhance the ambiance with every bolognese cooked. There isn't much to this piece of decor other than unwrapping, laying down, and looking at the stunning white and cream pattern.

    a white and cream runner rug with a diamond pattern

    21. A double oven so you can bake a soufflé and a meatloaf simultaneously — science said it couldn't be done, but here we are. There's a little bit of elbow grease to install, but a small price to pay for ease and refinement.

    a stainless steel double over encased around a navy blue shelf

    22. A stovetop because it's time to opt for luxury straight out of The Menu but without the killing and manipulation — talk about a tradeoff. The stainless steel is immaculate, and the six burners will keep you cooking everything perfectly and in sync.

    a stainless steel stovetop with six black gas burners next to a granite kitchen countertop

    23. A hot deck-mount water dispenser to help deliver hot water at a moment's notice for your teas, coffee, pasta, and the like. No longer wait for cold water to run hot when you can just get it instantly with a dedicated faucet.

    a facet pouring hot water into a glass mug with a tea bag

    24. A wall-mounted range hood because we all can't wait for season two of The Bear and have been forever inspired by the kitchen and knife work. Get ready to say, "Yes, Chef!" whenever this range is on and ready to take away all the steam and smoke.

    a steel wall-mounted range hood

    25. A refrigerator that'll help propel you well into the 21st century with a minimal design, super technology, and lovely stainless steel. This refrigerator is fingerprint-resistant with ice and water on tap and even controls the humidity.

    a stainless steel refrigerator in a kitchen with tiled flooring

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