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Wanna Be Leader Of The Trends? Try Stripe

The Stripe is undoubtedly the most enduring elements of fashion. No matter how the trend changes, it always can be designers' love, the countless stripe products will appear every season.

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Stripe element was first with the European maritime career rise, known by the people all over the world of fashion items. Blue and white stripes are easily identified in the sea, so the crew accidentally fell into the water can be quickly found.

Sailor's striped shirt originally spread in France in 1858 the French government regulations of seaman, 21 by the composition of black and white striped striped shirt became the French navy uniform leisure. These 21 stripes represent Napoleon's 21 victory in the naval battle.

By 1889, Saint James, a French fashion company, began producing striped T-shirts that became a common item in everyday clothes.

The actual use of stripe elements in haute couture is cocoa Chanel. In 1930, wearing a striped shirt, she left a picture at home, where modern aesthetics was still modern and explosive.

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