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Travel Destinations For This Summer!

It's really hot this summer! Now here are several destinations you could choose to have a cool summer.

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Australia Gold Coast

Australia can be said to be a wonderful place, everywhere can see the unique natural scenery and applause of wild animals. Australia is a country that advocates freedom and colorful. The Australians are both cheerful and Westerners. They are of great interest. People live leisurely and approachable, no matter where to travel in Australia, warm and friendly words, are not lacking.

Of course, to Australia, we must go to Australia's most prestigious tourist destination - the Gold Coast. Gold Coast is located in the southeast of Brisbane city. The annual average temperature of 25 degrees, from the shore into the water, with the waves of regular waves and waves of travel, is indeed a special entertainment and enjoyment.

Phuket, Thailand

Thailand is the most exotic country in Southeast Asia. Thailand not only has a long and splendid history and culture, the long history of religious traditions, but also the bustling modern life of summer tourism abroad ten destinations recommended summer tourism ten destinations recommended. In Thailand's magnificent temples, beautiful tropical scenery, constitute a unique style of exotic scenery.

Phuket is Thailand's largest island, known as the "pearl" of the Andaman Sea. Phuket is a representative tourist resort in Southeast Asia. Its charm lies first in its beautiful sea, the west coast of the island is opposite the Andaman Sea, where the original white beach. Under the sun, large and small beaches flashing the Andaman Sea shore waves, fascinating quiet and leisurely beach, there are luxurious, like a private vacation beach.

Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia has a famous tourist destination in Bali. Bali, Indonesia is 17654 islands in a dazzling pearl, an area of about 5630 square kilometers.

Bali climate belongs to the tropical island climate, the climate is hot all year round, every year from May to September the weather is cool, this time is the best season to travel to Bali. There are the most beautiful beach, sand beach wide, clear water, and then in Bali than far away from the island of Bali, a joy to eat, sleep in peace, and all things --- like in the paradise.

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