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Tips For Summer Exercise

Exercise is the best way to keep fit and stay a good body state. It's very important to insist on it, so there is no excuse for not doing exercise in this summer. But we should also pay attention to ways and means to keep in mind for the summer fitness or we would get hurt in such high tempreture summer.

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1, to avoid high temperature

To maintain a low amount of exercise, a short time, so that the body slowly adapt to the hot weather. In particular, try to avoid the sun in the strong noon to two pm during the outdoor sports, because this time the UV is particularly strong, will burn the skin, and even the retina, meninges are also stimulated.

2, drink water ahead of time

In the summer sports, temperature and humidity are high, must wear sweat sweater, do not wear tight sportswear, if the humidity row does not go out, will cause great pressure on the heart.

In addition, you can not use their own body to dry clothes, it is best to prepare a set of dry clothes, especially the coat, immediately after the change of wet clothes, or easily lead to rheumatism or arthritis and other illnesses.

3, cooling can not be too hasty

Do not take a cold shower or open the air conditioner immediately after the exercise. Because the body after the movement of various organs and organs to increase the metabolism of the skin in the large number of expansion of the capillaries, such as immediately wash a cold shower or blow the fan, the capillary could immediately shrink, sweat glands closed, will make people feel more heat intolerable, also will disrupt the normal function of the body organs, easy to suffer from colds.

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