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    14 K-Dramas That Are Remakes of American and British TV Shows

    Want to watch a K-Drama with a bit of familiarity? This list is just for you.

    All of these K-dramas are adaptations of the English-language versions. Although the characters and storylines may be similar, they all have a unique appeal. Plus, you'll always find sprinkles of those cheesy and/or intense K-drama charms.

    Here are 14 K-dramas you'll love if you're a fan of the American or British versions:

    1. The World of the Married

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    2. Woori the Virgin

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    Based on: Jane the Virgin

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    Although there are similarities between the American version and this Korean remake, this K-drama definitely has its unique charm with the cast chemistry and contrasting plot lines. There are currently 14 released episodes out of the total 16.

    Both emotionally and financially, Woori Oh is set: her boyfriend is a doting police officer and she's the assistant writer for a popular drama series. But, one visit to the doctor's office sends her life way off track. Rather than receiving her routine medical exam, she's artificially inseminated and becomes pregnant. The father is none other than Raphael, CEO of Diamond Cosmetics, who Woori shares an interesting past with. Will Woori choose to stay with her long-time boyfriend or pursue this new relationship?

    3. Money Heist: Korea — Joint Economic Area

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    Based on: Money Heist

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    Unlike other K-dramas on this list, this one hasn't premiered yet; it is releasing on Netflix on June 24. Also, Money Heist is a Spanish-language television series, but it's the most-watched non-English series on Netflix, so I thought it was fitting for this post. 

    The premise and characters are very similar, but fans are anticipating the delivery of these unique storylines. In this world, North Korea and South Korea are unified and are on the path to creating a new kind of currency. However, this only means that the rich are getting richer, while the poor continue to live in poverty. Because of this, Professor, played by Yoo Ji Tae, plans possibly the biggest heist of all time. 

    4. Criminal Minds

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    Based on: Criminal Minds

    For all my Criminal Minds fans, this one's for you. The Korean version generally has the same storylines as the American show, so you'll get to watch these storylines unfold through a different lens of acting. 

    The drama is mainly about the profilers in the National Criminal Investigation team, as they navigate a serial murder case that is shaking the nation. Along the way, the team learns more about working together and uncovers some deep-rooted relationships. With a star-studded cast of Lee Joon Gi, Lee Sun Bin, and more, you're definitely in for some intense acting and action-packed scenes. 

    5. 18 Again

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    Based on: 17 Again

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    Honestly, this drama was a mixture of nostalgia and heartwarming moments that hit all the right spots. 

    It follows the life of the Hong family, as their dynamics begin to crumble as life events domino right after the other. The parents, Jung Da Jung and Hong Dae Young, are in the middle of a divorce, and their twins, Hong Si A and Hong Si U, have an entirely different life at school than their parents know of. Suddenly, Hong Dae Young is given the chance to go back in time to his 18-year-old self. Now, this is the slightly weird part, but he's in his 18-year-old body, but still has his 37-year-old mentality, meaning he remembers everything that has happened up till now. But, that gives him the chance to bond more closely with his children after bonding with them under the disguise of Go Woo Young and save his family from drifting apart. 

    6. Entourage

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    Based on: Entourage

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    One of the oldies but goodies on this list, Entourage, is about a group of five best friends navigating their way through the entertainment industry. Each of them have very different careers ranging from a rising superstar to a CEO of a celebrity agency to a talent manager, and more. But, they all have a deep friendship that's both heartwarming and comedic at the same time. 

    7. One Ordinary Day

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    Based on: Criminal Justice

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    One Ordinary Day stars Kim Soo Hyun as university student Hyun Soo and Cha Seung Won as lawyer Shin Joong Han. As the title foreshadows, one ordinary day, Hyun Soo drives his father's taxi to meet up with his friends. But, Hong Guk Hwa mistakes that taxi for an empty one and gets in. From there, things start to spiral, leading Hyun Soo to be the prime suspect in a murder case. Falsey accused, Hyun Soo is put into jail and the only one who is willing to represent him in court is Shin Joong Han. 

    This drama is definitely a memorable one with the amazing cast, hints of legal aspects, and loads of suspense/mystery. 

    8. Designated Survivor: 60 Days

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    Based on: Designated Survivor

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    Similar to the American version of Designated Survivor, this K-drama depicts the state of a nation through the lens of environmental politicians after an extreme bombing. In the Korean version, Park Mu Jin, South Korean Minister of Environment, mirrors Thomas Kirkman, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. After an announcement of peace with North Korea, the building explodes with the president and line of succession in it. Park Mu Jin is then sworn in as the acting president, as he's the only one who made it out alive. From there, political secrets begin to unfold as he tries to find the truth about the bombing. 

    9. Suits

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    Based on: Suits

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    Based on the hit American legal drama, Suits, this Korean version is perfect for those looking for K-dramas centered around politics and more specifically, the law. Jang Dong Gun plays Choi Kang Seok, a lawyer at the Kang and Ham law firm. When Choi Kang Seok is hiring a new rookie lawyer, Go Yeon Woo played by Park Hyung Sik happens to be at the right place at the right time. Although Kang Seok initially questions Yeon Woo's competence as a lawyer, he is impressed by Yeon Woo's photographic memory and hires him. But with Yeon Woo lacking a law license or any practice with the law, Kang Seok is definitely in for the ride. 

    10. Life on Mars

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    11. Less than Evil

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    Based on: Luther

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    What happens when a genius psychopath and veteran detective join forces to solve cases? Action, crime, and psychological games are all packaged into one amazing K-drama. Based on the hit show, Luther, Less Than Evil, follows the careers of Woo Tae Suk and Eun Sun Jae working to solve serial killer cases, particularly one involving Jang Hyung Min, an infamous serial killer right under their noses. 

    12. Romance is a Bonus Book

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    Based on: Younger

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    Romance is a Bonus Book is a lighthearted K-drama about the fate of past relationships and how relationships change from youth to adulthood. Cha Eun Ho is the chief editor at a book publishing company, whereas Kang Dan I is a single mother and former successful copywriter. They were intertwined in the past with Eun Ho saving Dan I from a childhood accident, but their relationship started to become tense when Eun Ho didn't approve of Dan I's partner. Now, fate has them meeting again as they rekindle their relationship. 

    13. Little Women

    Based on: Little Women

    Watch it on: Netflix

    Technically, the Little Women American film isn't a TV show, but it's so popular I thought it was important to include it on this list. Korea is coming out with its own version of Little Women starring Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, and Park Ji Hu, with the release date predicted to be in August of 2022. The K-drama will depict the three sisters' lives as they find themselves in a case involving the richest family in South Korea. Despite mostly growing up in poverty, the sisters must use their close bond to work together against this family.