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    18 Iconic K-Drama Locations You Can Actually Visit In South Korea

    ~Live out your K-drama dreams.~

    From plot twists to sappy romances, there's so many things to like about a good K-drama. But if you're like me and you're curious about where these dramas are filmed, this post is the one to save for your South Korea travel itinerary.

    Crowds of shoppers along the pedestrianized streets of Myeong-dong overlooked by the neon lights of stores in the heart of Seoul at night

    But first, here are two helpful tips when traveling in South Korea:

    1. Use Naver Maps to find directions! It's super easy to use and is available in English. 

    2. Make sure you have a bus and subway card. In South Korea, transportation by bus or subway is much more common and efficient than cars or taxis. So, to ensure that you're not stuck in hours of traffic, buy a bus and subway card.

    Now, onto the locations:

    1. Jageun Maeul

    Characters in front of a restaurant

    2. Jumunjin Breakwater

    Woman handing man flowers

    3. Hansung Apartments

    Character sitting on stairs of apartment villa

    4. Sinchon Graffiti Tunnel

    Men walking through a tunnel

    5. Hapcheon Movie Theme Park

    Man walking down a street

    6. Seoul Land

    Woman excited at an amusement park

    7. Baekje Cultural Land

    Man protecting women from the rain

    8. Garden of the Morning Calm

    Man and woman in garden

    9. Depohang Port Light House

    Couple taking picture in front of lighthouse

    10. Hotel Seine

    Picture of pink hotel

    11. Seoul Fortress Wall

    Woman and man talking

    12. Dal.komm Coffee

    Man and woman at cafe

    13. Gwanghwamun Square

    Man on a horse meeting a woman

    14. Hotel Midas Resort

    People at a wedding

    15. Cheonggye Plaza

    Man in front of plaza

    16. Namdo Bunsik Ikseon

    Man and woman eating at Korean restaurant

    17. Yonsei University

    Student walking on campus