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    11 Money-Saving Tips I Learned About Living In New York City Thanks To TikTok

    Free merch, city views, and saving money? Count me in.

    As a senior in high school, I've been looking at a bunch of college campuses all over the country, especially those on the East Coast. Some colleges in New York City were at the top of my list for a while — who could resist the beautiful skyline and bustling city life?

    But as I was talking to friends and people already going to college in NYC, I quickly realized that the cost of living is quite high.

    So I turned to TikTok. From discounted manicures to free activities, New York City TikTokers have been sharing their know-how on how to live the good life in the city on a budget.

    Here are 11 tips on saving money in the city that I've learned from TikTok:

    1. Visit pop-up shops.

    Woman holding glass with text noting all the freebies you can get at pop-up shops: makeup samples, vitamin supplements, iced coffee, charcuterie, and so on

    2. Ride Citi Bikes around the city.

    Woman riding Citi Bike with text saying they rode electric bikes from Manhattan to Brooklyn

    3. Get manicures at Glosslab.

    Woman showing her nails

    4. Get a Pret a Manger coffee subscription.

    Woman drinking coffee with the text "Getting 5 coffees a day for less than $1 in NYC!"

    5. Use an NYPL card for free activities.

    Culture Pass poster

    6. Gallery-hop in Chelsea.

    Woman looking at artwork

    7. Use fashion rental services.

    Woman walking at a crosswalk

    8. Browse Facebook Marketplace for furniture.

    Furniture in a room with the text "How I furnished my apartment on a tight budget"

    9. Buy a Blink gym membership.

    10. Move during an "off-season" in the market.

    For sale sign in front of a house

    11. Watch movies for $5 with AMC deals.

    Do you know of any more great tips for saving money in NYC? Share your faves in the comments!