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Just A Whole Bunch Of Photos That Will Make You Cringe During A Pandemic

Wash your hands, people!

1. This person sneezing — without covering their mouth.

A person sneezing without a mask.

2. These people holding onto a railing in a subway car.

People holding onto a subway car railing.

3. This very, VERY crowded park.

Aerial view of park.

4. These people getting their groove on at the club.

A group of people dancing at a club.

5. This sick employee who still came to work — and definitely isn't self-isolating.

Business person sneezing into a tissue near a coworker.

6. This pair sharing a bite at their favourite restaurant.

A couple sharing a burger at a restaurant.

7. This extremely crowded (and not socially distanced!) subway station.

A very crowded subway station.

8. This excited tyke munching on a snack.

A close-up of a child's hands covered in chocolate.

9. These people sampling each other's drinks.

A person sips their friend's cocktail through a straw.

10. This person paying for their groceries in cash.

A person paying for their groceries in cash.

11. This person having a good chomp on their nails.

Close-up of a person biting their nails.

12. And lastly, this person inspecting some fresh veggies at the grocery store.

Person smelling a tomato at a veggie stand.

For more information on COVID-19 and the latest health guidelines, check out these resources from the Government of Canada.