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10 Ways To Nail Your Excuse For Needing To Work From Home

Because, life happens! Can’t make it into the office today? We’ve got some suggestions to help you nail your excuse to work from home.


"I have to wait for the handyman."

"The sink in the bathroom is overflowing. There's water up to my thighs in here. The neighbor downstairs is freaking out. The handyman is allegedly coming. Please send a rescue boat."


"I’m feeling under the weather."

"I have a nasty cold and high fever. Even the doctor is having a hard time diagnosing me. I definitely don't think I should come in and infect anybody."


"Need to be home to receive a delivery."

"The store gave me a delivery window from 10-4, and I think the delivery guy is going to be my ex and I need him to see how well I'm doing without him."


"My alarm never went off."

"The power went out last night and my alarm never went off, and now I have to throw out all the food in my refrigerator before something mutates and I'm solely responsible for the first ever zombie outbreak."


"I need to show my apartment."

"I’m moving and need to show my apartment, and I heard the new renter is a D-list celebrity from my favorite, I mean, did I say favorite? That show we all hate. I gotta catch of glimpse of her in person."


"I’m not getting any of my subscriptions."

"I need to do some recon work. Because I swear my neighbor keeps taking all my stuff. Today’s the day I catch him red-handed."


"I have a migraine."

"This is Shannon's husband. She has a crippling migraine right now and can't even open her eyes. She has a doctor's note, took some medicine, and will be online ASAP. Thanks, Bryan."


Excuse: "My cat/dog/iguana is sick."

"Ollie is super sick today." ::sends a selfie from the vet::


"I’m having some car trouble today."

"Ummmm, I think my car was stolen."


"I... I have food poisoning."

"I... I have food poisoning," and then forward along the scathing online review you’ve written for your not-so-favorite restaurant.

Whatever your reason is to work from home, GoToMeeting has you covered!