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12 Things That Drive Freelancers Crazy

"I chose this lifestyle. I chose this lifestyle. I chose this lifestyle." The next time something gets under your skin, remember this: You could be stuck in an office.

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1. Not getting regular email responses from the client you're dealing with...


*Radio silence*

2. ...but then being expected to drop everything at a moment's notice to take care of an edit.

It's almost like being roped into working like a 9-5er, without the good pay.

3. Or getting a project that has an insane deadline, meeting it, and then having your client say the project got pushed back.

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4. When a client expects that you can read their mind. / Via

"Hold on, I'm picking something up on my possums."

5. Figuring out how to get new clients regularly.


"Is this what LinkedIn is for?"

6. Being judged based on your age.

"My age has nothing to do with my experience. I'm not a dumb baby!"

7. Having to justify your prices and haggle over money...

This isn’t a yard sale, bud. Fees aren't negotiable.

8. ...and never knowing when the next paycheck is a-coming.

Warner Bros. / Via

The struggle is REAL.

9. Your taxes.

ucadp / Thinkstock / Via BuzzFeed

*Makes sure to keep great records*

10. Doing a job you reallllllllllly don’t want to do, having bills to pay...

Which is honestly a painful double whammy.

11. ...and deciding when it's OK to say "NO" to a project.

TLC / Via

Pro tip: You can say no to favors.

12. The most irritating thing of all: hearing your friends and family say you don’t have a real job.

That just stings. 😢

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